Author Branding and Marketing 101

Excellent blog about something we can all struggle with, some fab tips… go read it!

Very Sherry Terry

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Marketing is the number one tool for reaching readers. Readers equal customers. Without marketing, who will know you have a book for sale? Gone are the days when you did your job and wrote the story, and the publisher did their job and promoted it.

In today’s publishing world, the author does a good deal, or all, of their own marketing and promotion. Publishers and agents want to know that you are invested in your own success, that you are willing and able to help promote your book.

Getting the Word Out

The day has finally arrived. You’re ready to start submitting to agents and publishers, or you are about to hit send and self-publish your book. Take a moment to consider how you want to present your story to world. Terms like “brand” and “social media platform” are the new kids on the block, and if you want to…

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