Launch Day!

I’m stoked today, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone. I’ve had messages all day long from people, sharing my book, wishing me well, I’ve not stopped smiling all day! seriously you guys/gals are just awesome.

So yes, today is release day on Amazon.

It’s also our Sequential Artists birthday. So a huge shout out to Andrew! you know you’re awesome. 🙂

Anyone who wishes to take a look at the book – (or buy it hehe) please follow the link

It should take you to your regional Amazon page so you can see it from your amazon area. Where as I am UK, you might well be US. 🙂

For those who have already started reading, and have sent messages to me, again many thanks. Book 2 is in beta! just an FYI lol


So, I’ve had a few issues a leaky pipe at the house is resulting in a new main pipe being laid, a fish has a bumped scale and I had to catch her. It’s all a go seriously.

I’m sooo tired!



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