25th day and validation :)


It is a wonderful feeling. I stayed up last night with a couple of my nano friends in the chat room. We had an epic 10k day to push a couple of our region on. It was the most fun I’d had in ages. There were others who were just happy to join in and write with us, but for four of us. Han, Kelza, Coffee and me we managed the 10k in one day.

It had been a moment of madness. I’d been pottering about for a few hours, chatting and doing a little writing, and it was quiet till around lunchtime, then people came on and for some reason, someone mentioned ‘I could do with a 10k day.’

That was it challenge drawn…. and we were off.

At that moment in time, the most I’d managed was just under 9k in one day, so it seemed really possible.

I wasn’t the first to finish, our lovely Hannah was, shortly followed I might add by Kelza. Then a while later with their cheering Coffee and me (kanundra) made it.

I had 17 words to go after the last war, so I pushed on and did it.

Although the 10k day wasn’t what I needed to win nano, I completed a while ago, it was the fun of being with others while writing that just made the day so special and helped Coffee towards the winning post.

There I decided to stay up past midnight haven’t made it at all this year. As nano no sleep, broken elbow and early to rise did. But I stayed up to validate my win and it felt fantastic.

To those of you who have seen the month through with me, I’ll be in chat, urging others to their goal, be it the 50k or not. It is the personal win that counts.

I did not think for a moment I would be able to write through the pain I’ve been going through and have a blast too.

Thank you one and all.


Dawn x x

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