Friday :)

All I can say is thank Crunchie…. 


Been such a busy week. I actually started falling asleep on the couch last night at 8pm. I know sometimes I am easily wiped out, but really? 


So today I have had a nice afternoon kip, and I can now stay up a bit later. 


Not too much planned for this weekend, so I can catch up on the stuff I know I’ve missed out on this week. I owe a few people some reading crits, so I’ll have to catch up with those and then down to some serious editing. Lots to do and just not enough time in the day. 


How was everyone’s evening last night? I know we don’t celebrate it as such, but its nice to see all those out there that do. A nice meal and a cake for hubby and an early night for me. Was still up at 5 for work, cleaning my van early on a friday is better. Cleaner water rather than being stuck with the rest of them 🙂 


Had a cracking day selling my pasties, pies and sarnies… it finally is picking up from the Xmas slump. yippie… hate it when it goes down, but that is sales for you. 


So, off to celebrate my V day. Night all. x x 

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