Best Friends is live!!!


So, after a very nerve wracking night, it is live. And I am well chuffed.


Please check it out and leave comments, we much appreciate it. 🙂


I also listened in to the radio interview with Nancy Criss and Priscilla Leona. It was actually really nice to hear Nancy’s voice and even nicer to hear that she has a ‘talented writing team’  !


As for Melvin, well he is talented, and awesome, and even more so is my ‘Best Friend’ who I’ve known for 4 years…  and we write like we really are partners in crime, when brain storming we are so good at bouncing stuff about. Coming up with ideas for the character quirks and ideas for Best Friends was great fun.  As a writer, half the battle is having fun, and we really did.
A huge thanks to everyone who has helped us out in supporting Best Friends.

Two other films are on the go.


Crimson Creek written by Melvin Johnson Jr


Irobe written by myself and Melvin Johnson Jr



Two other amazing projects on the go… check them all out at


Again, huge thanks to everyone… and even more exciting news is on the cards, fingers crossed for us… 🙂







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