Contemplation and Script writing.

Today has been a day of contemplation.

We went out early to get some pipework for the ponds. But came away empty handed as one part alone was almost £50. We’ve re-designed how we’re going to do it now, due to cost.

I’ve had some of my baby koi for sale on Ebay, and only had a few interests, this is the wrong time of year really, so I’m pulling them off till next year.


As I said writing wise, due to a computer malfunction and being just plain exhausted, I’ve had a bit of a break. I need to get back into it. So, blogging helps. Frees the mind and allows me to start to think and process things once more.

I’ve finally had my feed-back from Script-Pipeline, mis-understanding and crossed wires there I think. But I have something to work on.

Jaime has been doing a fantastic job as Animator with The Secret King, so we’ll hopefully move forward a little more. With the goal for next year to enter into some comps.

I should be excited, but I’ve felt so lost with things this last few months that I haven’t been allowing myself the time to be excited. Well, contemplation over and time to move on.

New plan of action… Stick with the Animation Pilot, get that as nailed as we can.

Even typing these words, I feel more and more excitement. Need to get the adrenalin going more though… 🙂

What I plan on doing as we build TSK up, is to post some concept work. To really get people interested in the story, the characters and the way the world works.

If you’ll allow me some time. We can build and work on this world together. And maybe if I can create enough ‘fans’ we will have something solid to take to the animation fest’s 🙂

Will keep you posted…


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