Costia cont

Hey there,

Ct went in this morning at 5-6am, then had a really crappy day at work where my van broke down, so i got to finish early. PP is prepared and going in now.

I must admit, that after the Ct most of the other fish are looking happier. So with some luck costia will be gone.

I’m doing the 2g per tonne. Prob just a bit over because the Qt is 800g and I’m going with 4g.

Keep them in your thoughts. Once the pp is in, I am going to leave it. I have to, I just hope that no one suffers too much.


Well 4g in and brown already so popping in another 2g. Think this is a residual effect of the Hp, even with two good water changes.

Will keep you posted.


Adding in the rest, a little slower than others I guess, but fingers crossed everything is going to be okay.

First time I have been able to actually get a better look at some of these babies that are left, although some are very pink. (not just the pp) there are a few with knocks and bumps.

Will see how they’re doing in a little while, but they’re not liking this last bit…. guess it is taking out the 02 that they like. Adding more air and fingers crossed, got to see this one through either way.


They are swimming around a lot more, not huddled on the bottom. It has been nice to see them. And yeah I keep adding little bits to keep it purple. At present 9g in, with some more curing away just in case. But this bit has stayed the longest, so holding out till 7pm and we’ll see where we’re at.

Thanks for the messages its nice when people show they’re thinking of you and your fish in troubling times.


Treatment done and neutralized.

All seems okay.

Will test water in the morning and prob do a water change, then plan is to dose after each change with CT for the evening.

Might have to re-scrape and see where we’re at over the weekend.

Thanks to Al, DaveJ and Gazza, for their excellent advice.



They are indeed nasty things.

Doing a small water change this morning, before work. Paul will do one as well later and then going to add the ct.

Just trying to keep the tank as clean and good as possible.

Will add Ct later. and keep hoping.

They look much better.



Thanks for the follow.

Well I’ve scraped three babies from the tank today and nothing, which is hopeful. It could be they are all dead, or there could still be a couple lurking on the weaker fish. So I am going to recheck tomorrow, then we’ll see how it goes from there.

But it is looking promising. Fingers crossed.

There are a few with sores and bumps etc, so a course of CT should help with that.

Will report again soon and thanks for asking.



Thanks everyone.

Took three more scrapes today, one from a very poorly fish.

I am going to post the picture, because even though it is awful. I think the more people learn the better.

This little guy had two costia still on him. I also decided to put him to sleep. It didn’t look too bad this morning, it was just like a big scab, but I guess the scab came away. And it just wasn’t fair on him, lovely fish.

I am heartbroken at this parasite. I never wanted it, had all the others, and wish I never had this one. How on earth can a parasite come from no where? Just spring up in a totally secluded tank. Beats me. I’ve a lot still to learn but this has been the hardest lesson.

Ct course starting today and that should finish off the one or two bugs left.
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So, all is brighter today, still a tiny bit of sulking, but for the most part, they’re all swimming about, some looking for food and sucking at the side of the tank.

I am hopeful, might see where we are at next weekend in regards to injuries. No point stressing them out anymore than I have to at the moment, will give them a week and let things settle. Hoping the Ct will clear up any other bacterial issues from knocks, but I’m watching the ones with sores as close as I can.

Easier on big fish, yes, but on about 10 individuals in a qt tank among 40 others, not so easy.

I hate to think how the big dude get on with it with thousands of newcomers in Qt…. must be even harder.

Keep you all posted. Thanks for stopping by.



Hey all,

feel like I’m talking to myself half the time

Oh well, CT went in, and everyone seems okay. The couple with sores, seem a lot less red. Keeping to the plan.

fingers crossed.


Aww, I know… I tend to ramble on me. thanks for that though….

And I agree, through the pitfalls of life we can only hope that somewhere along the way what we went through will help someone else, maybe a little quicker than what we went through ourselves.

I’ve always been one to be an open book. No point hiding things, chuck it out there… people can take you or leave you…

And Karma is a beautiful thing.



Thanks Kev, I think if anyone can learn from this then yeah, much better to post about it.

Especially the sleeping sickness. Anyone who is breeding koi over here should know for sure.

This morning,

All looks a little better. Although I have seen one koi sulking his head in the corner and another still flicking. Is this because of the CT or do I need to investigate further?

Big fish looking at me begging for food…. love them.

Will test all water later and see where we’re at, just hoping the ammonia and nitrite is okay, or might have to do some small water changes later on.


2nd good day of Ct and all seems well. They all even came up begging for food when I opened the hatch bless, a couple more days and I might even be able to start feeding again. Touch wood… some do look a little skinny now, two weeks without food, when you’re used to 4 times a day must be quite a shock. Glad they had little fat bellies though or they may have starved.

I guess, I’ll see in a couple of days where we’re at, the couple of koi which had red sores, now only have pink ones. Not sure how long they might take to heal, but reluctant to catch them as of yet, trying to get a specific koi out of 50 is really hard.

Will also try and get one for a scrape in the next day or so, just to make sure there really are no more costia about.

Looking much better now though, and I’m off to see a therapist about my sore shoulder. (poss just build up of stress)

Catch you later.


I know, I know, no food. it is locked away.

All seems okay this morning, big guys fighting over each other to get to me and again babies must be feeling much better as they all came up too.

Will wait till weekend, have a trip out one day (Paul bought a baki shower for the big pond, yikes) so it will be either of them depends when I get a closer inspection of them.

Will keep you posted and as usual fingers crossed for them still


Hey there,

So everything seems better in the baby tank.


Not too happy with the big fish, they seem pretty off colour this evening, little bit of flashing going on

I pp’d their pond on Sat, couple of good water changes and just a tid bit of food, but tonight they’re just off. Not sullking, or anything, just off.

Think I will be checking all koi over the weekend.

I am happy to report that the ‘cloudy eye’ from my big girl. Sunny ( doitsu Kujaku) has cleared…. weird.

But year, think something is amiss.

As for the babies, last CT today, will check water tomorrow. They’re really active now. So will see where we’re at, before I try a tid bit of medicated food. Slow and easy.

Just hard when you’re constantly worrying ain’t it?



All is well in the pond and tank. . .

Will check everything tonight and see where we’re at. Water quality that is.

Looks like it might be a nice day. Hope so, getting fed up of getting wet in my job too, then coming home and getting wet outside lol… not been a nice summer all around.

So looking forward to a break up in the lakes. (although might nip home half way) just to check, we’re only an hour away….

Catch you later.


Hey there,

So lost one sometime today, this was one of the ones I wasn’t sure would make it, but kinda hoped it would.

I guess the plan is to just scrape and see. All others are looking normal, (bar a couple of sores) coming up and alert as soon as you go near the tank. I am hoping there is nothing.

However, if there is. I would guess I have to pp again?

Will let you know how it goes sat.



Oh dear.

Lost another one today. In close examination, it had lost most of its fins underneath. And although from the top looked okay, I guess it just wasn’t.

We’ve also had an epic heater fail today, temperature is down to 22d from 25d so although not massive but it is going down.

Just not happy losing any more. I hope we don’t.

fingers still crossed and hoping.

Will report tomorrow when I’ve done a few scrapes.



Well today we took the polly tunnel off. side effect of using pp is it killed all the algae at the side of the ponds and has subsequently blocked the spray bar and pump up.

Fixed and back up and running.

Took scrapes from 4 fish, all but one had a little mucus, and happy to report they were all clean.

So, looks like a few bits to clear up, rubs and sores, which after the course of CT seem much better, all healing and not red anymore.

Done a pretty large water change, (my fault as while doing the scrapes I left the drain on) never anything perfect. So I’m going to half refill and then finish the rest during the week.

I’ve added a little bit of Sansai with the water change, it can’t hurt and should help boost their immune systems. I’ve also treated to a tiny little bit of food. Will watch the filters and see how I get on and I will probably still re-scrape prob wed just to see how they’re doing. I’d hate to go away and suddenly have a relapse with my mum on the other end of the phone saying more were dying.

Hopeful that we’ve completed most of the worst part, and fingers crossed for a full recovery.



This morning, all seems good. Gave a tid bit of food as they were begging. Seems there is perhaps one or two that are a bit scatty, (one is black so can’t really tell its skin damage, and the other is white, bitty is the only way to describe that one) but no one is red anymore from rubbing. One of the larger ones is still showing signs of stress, pinked up. But most of the others look spot on.

I can only hope.

topping up the water again today, will keep a close eye on filters. I have some good bacteria to add to give them a boost and some clay for their skin. All things that they’re used to me adding to the water, so I am thinking it is just a waiting game now. Hopefully the filters will catch up, although they’ve had a pretty severe hit, I think I’m really starting from scratch again. And then I will have to do as many water changes as necessary. When they were first born, I was changing 50% daily and sitting there catching the babies with a sieve…. so I think I’ve come along way from there, still as stressful though….

Big guys all seem fine. Chomping at the bit as usual. So, with a check in the week, I think I might actually be able to relax on my holidays.


Oh dear, so water tests this afternoon,

Ph 7
Ammonia 0
nitrite oopsie 0.5

Going to have to do another water change…..

I guess I really will have to be easy on the filters.

In one sense at least the ammonia chomping bacteria seems to still be okay.

Will not give them any more food till it is back to 0, don’t want to compromise their health after they’ve just gotten over the worst of it.

Baby steps, Dawn, baby steps!!!

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