Recovery :)



Well, nitrite is slow to come down as we all know, sitting in the orange from normal yellow. Not as bad as it was the other night, but still not happy with it. All koi don’t seem bothered. They’re well eager to come suck my fingers though so will keep doing what I’m doing, 3 water changes today, only small ones mind so not to shock them with the cooler water. Handy having the other half at home to help out.



Still not budging. Guess it is because of the amount of fish in such a small space of water.

Noticed a couple of the darker koi’s back scale don’t look too good. Thinking I really do need to catch them for closer inspection. But can’t do anything till a week after next, as I am away.

I think water changes and no food for a good ole while, it will have to be. They are getting some food anyway, as they’re sucking the wildlife stuff off the pond sides.


Yeah, thought so,

Haven’t fed for nearly a month now. Just tried it to see what the reaction was, pretty sharp nitrite spike… so yeah water change after water change.

Oh dear.

My mum is used to doing water changes as we went away last year and she had to do daily changes on it when they were only fry… They’ve come along way, but it is still testing for them.



Sorry Al, forgot to reply.

As for K1, out the main pond, just don’t want to introduce something else the babies haven’t had.

There are a few still with some proper nasty bacterial probs. I know this is a slow road to recovery.

Wondering when I’m back off my hols if it is going to be worthwhile putting some of the recovered babies into the main pond. (after taking a scrape from each on of course) Even though small, I think the conditions might be better for them, and it will give the smaller sicker ones a better chance of recovery.

Just some thoughts.

We leave tomorrow, and I’m nervous. Just got fingers crossed for them,



Well we are back from our hols early due to the nightmare dog from hell….

What is it about some people who just don’t care at all.

If you have a pet, you look after it… simple.

You don’t take it on holiday to a beautiful place like the lakes and then leave it locked in a tiny caravan for 8 hours a day….

This was just too much.

Paul asked the guy not to leave the dog, and he still did. After another day of 8 hours worth of howling we reported him to the site and decided to pack in if it was the same today.

It was 10am and he disappeared leaving the dog. So we went to see the manager, it was his day off, typical.

So we’ve come home…

Stressed still.

We lost one baby fish. But the others seem okay. Nitrite is down, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

hummmm de hum. I need another holiday now.



food in yesterday and today and watched water very close. No change in perams Not ideal still but didn’t peak…

So I have one fish with a large infection. Covering its back. I am unsure if I can catch this one fish. All others are good. Gagging for food now, as soon as I go near they’re trying to escape not just suck my fingers.

Dilemah is what else to do with this one poorly fish? If all others are okay?




In watching my little un’s today. Glad to report that the koi with a sore head, seems to be improving a lot, where his skin was red and fluffy (fungus) it is now almost back to white and no fungus. Doesn’t look like any ulcers about, so good news.

Still fighting a bit of ammonia and nitrite, but keeping on watching it and water changes.



It has been a long road to recovery. But I think we’re finally getting there. Nitrite and ammonia are under control. With a tiny bit of food going in morning and now in the evening. Microbelift to help the filters, clay and Sansai in the water every other night and also in their food….

I think within another week or so we’ll be well onto our full feeding regime. Its funny to see them clambering over each other to get at me again. I really missed that.



Well caught a couple today which I’ve been wanting to look at.

Yep, they’re blind in one eye One is a lovely fish, was one of my fav, but it looked a little lop sided and when it came up to feed wasn’t quite able to see what it wanted to get. So, I caught it today.

Shame these two have only one eye. The question is now what can I do about it… nothing, they won’t grow back. Costia saw to that. They’ll be blind for life.

This sucks!!!!

I don’t want to cull any more fish. ‘sobs’



I’ve decided for now to keep the two which are blind. The smaller one, is just lovely, sumi is perfect and the white shines. So what if he’s a little lop sided because he can’t see. bless. I like him none the less and when all is said and done most of the fish I’ve got have had a knock or two. We’ll see how it goes.

Love the matsuawabake though, they’re defo on my keep list.