sleeping sickness cont

Lost four more last night.

This is really tough.

The ones I pulled out today are fighting secondary infections now, as skin has literally dropped off, one had fungus and one had part of its tail scales missing. The other two looked fine on the outside.

The rest are swimming around and having a little food, but there is one which his front fins have gone, looks like just his bones showing…

Should I try and catch them and seal it all somehow.

I don’t know what else I can do… think there will be a few more losses over the next few days, but the larger koi look miles better, maybe its just the small ones which just don’t have enough meat on them to pull through.

So fresh water going in again today. To try and help both filters cycle a little quicker I think I’ll get some stuff today,

Heat, salt, plenty of oxygen and lots of hope….



So, this evening, things looking a little brighter, I still think there are a couple more which I might lose. But the bigger ones seem to be doing well. Its the smaller ones which are struggling.

Water is better, probably done another half drain today and slow top up so as not to drop the temp too much.

Need to get the filters cycling a bit more, so added in some Microbelift. Which has always been the bees knees for the big pond… so just have to play this very sad waiting game.

By research looks that around 3 days is about the norm to see real improvement. This is only the second day of 30d, so prob a couple more to go yet.

Went for a ride today, went to see Hwood, and then went onto see Elmbank in Widnes, just to show Paul what nice koi he has in.

I have money waiting to be spent on some cracking new fish, but to be honest, I’m a little off put for now, want the babies to get better, don’t need the added stress of new fish in the big pond as well, besides, still no QT to put them in, and not so sure I want to risk infections with them….

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

7.23 pm

Thanks, your support has been great. I think sometimes we just need a friendly ear, someone who knows how tough it is.

Keeping the water quality better has to be my top priority now as they’ll heal better in better water, and I’ll have to try and watch them all very closely. Hard as it is with around 60 fish left. Lost 9 up to now. But I do have good hopes for the others. It just takes time, and as humans we all want things instantly. In the koi world that doesn’t happen.

This is one, I decided to put to sleep today.

As you can see from the pictures, although it was swimming around like nothing was wrong with it, its tail area had started to wear away. And all its fins had gone.

I have no idea if this is a result of the Sleeping sickness, or the fact the water quality had drastically suffered this last week. I think it is probably a combination of everything.

I also wondered if I put in too much salt too quickly, but again, I can wonder what if forever. So, hopefully the salt meter will arrive in the next day, so I will know for sure.

Just will keep on doing what I am doing, and pray….
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I sort of agree with the strong ones will survive. After all the jap koi the doitsu Kohaku and the assagi aren’t affected. At least they don’t show that they are. That is why I know it is sleeping sickness more so than anything else, because they really are fine.

After all the research and stuff I’ve read this week, I understand why breeders do introduce it. I would actually hasten to buy a tosai now from someone who hasn’t. It is a tough world, and nature has things for a reason or we’d be over-run with animals of all kinds.

Again, this week might be a tough one, but you guys have helped so much.

I can’t thank you enough, but afterwards say the party is on me



So, lost 10 in total now.

But today was the first time a couple came up looking for food when I opened the qt door so this is really encouraging.

I think I’m battling water q issues now, and this is what is affecting them more than anything else. They’re swimming about but flashing.

Is it time to look at a scope again, to make sure no bugs have been brought on?

Small water change this morning, no food, and we’ll see where we’re at later when I get in from work.

I am hoping that we’re on our way now though, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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