Baby Polly Tunnel

Nov 13th 8:05pm
Hi everyone.

So finally got to start the polly tunnel project.

Here are some pics :) Enjoy….

Nov 13th 8:08pm
As you can see, the legs needed extending 10 inch, and the actual tunnel needed doors. So from Marks picture and diagram we managed to make some of our own.

Well should I say. I did all the design and measuring, Paul did all the screwing. :)

But fingers crossed it will look the part.

And even though it is dark, it lights up fab. Has a big hole at the back yet, where the tunnel doesn’t sit right on the tank, but that is because of the heater in the back and the Backi shower.

Will all look awesome in the end.

Will post temps in a few days although everything is heated.


Nov 14th 6:46 am

Temp this morning is 18.6 that is with no doors cut in though and a big gaping hole at the back as it has to fit over the heater and backi shower.

In fact how much of a hole do you need to let out the gasses?

Still got to be good…. will keep an eye on it and get to doors this week.


Nov 20th 8:46pm
More pics of the construction.

Made a few mistakes with it, but we’ll sort them next weekend, for now all works well :)



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