Epic fail!

Oct 7th 9:10 am

So for most who chat to me in the chat room, you know I have been really poorly this week.

No excuses…. from me.

I didn’t do my duties and clean the filter in the baby pond yesterday, resulting in it becoming blocked and not enough water going through it to be able to heat it properly.

From 23 degrees, the temp plummeted to 14. BangH BangH BangH

This is a result of the excess algae from last week and my neglect to clean it.

I lost two baby fish, all the others seem okay. But I am unsure as to what the best course of action is, to raise the temperature back up? Or to do it slowly once more. Which will do more harm than good, anyone any ideas. Or am I in the dark on this one?

What a week. Been so ill I can’t focus or do anything, I should have delegated my duties, or carried on and done it myself even if sick.

Lesson learned, it won’t happen again. :(

BangH BangH BangH BangH BangH

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