Has it really been a year since I’ve posted anything on here? I don’t believe it. That was one crazy ride.

What did I accomplished in 2010?

– I stayed healthy, I didn’t let my eating disorder back into my life.

– I re-built the bedroom and living-room. Bought lots of nice new things.

– I almost had baby Koi in my pond. But I think the others ate them all, so this year Ill be more prepared.

– I set up a sick pond for any sick fish.

– I was published. :) The most amazing one.

– I am working on a re-write for my novel and have an artist friend who is helping bring my characters to life.

– I also changed my job, so I’m on more money and better hours :)


It was a good year. On to the next one.


– To dance Zumba every week at my sister in law’s Dance school… They’re great by the way…

– To Scuba dive… yikes.

– To publish as much as I can.

– To make another film.

– To sell a script of my own, or win another competition.

– To keep on being healthy.

How about everyone else? What are your plans? What were you proud of in 2010?


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