so after watching one of my fish last night and my husband watching all of them today, I decided thatwe needed someone to come out and take a better look at our pond and fish. We had a very nice guy come out from Holmeswood Koi, and do a scrape for us, (off two of the worst flickers) and this is what he found. Chilodonella. Yet there was nothing else in there with them, at least one bit of good news.

They were mostly adult parasites, but a lot of them, at least 20 on one slide, so now at least we have identified this problem. Just to kill them…

Now the next stage treat with Machalite and formalin, but with sturgeon in the pond it will almost certainly kill them. (I am really sorry sturgeon and I hope you make it) not holding out much luck though. I think if they do die, then I wont replace them. I now really think they don’t belong in a koi pond. Mainly because you cant do anything with them, when the koi need treating.

So Paul will dose them tomorrow, over the course of an hour, and I will let you all know how we get on.

Please everyone fingers crossed that this will finally be the end of it!!!!


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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