Ok,  so umm not such a great week.

Still having problems with Trich, and located the source of our continued infections. Local frogs, are now mating in water… grrrr. My little chag has healed nicely even though the presence of trich is still in high numbers, and I have only seen two of my fish flicking. Still any of them rubbing is a bad sign especially as when the temp got to 14 degrees, one decided he wanted to escape them altogether and leaped 2ft in the air.

So I checked everything first, and nuked the pond with potasium permangenate. Gave them two doses as the first only lasted an hour. Sturgeon stressed out, although still survived. Used 27.2 g as our pond is just under 4000 gal. I by passed the nexus, but then couldn’t have the heating on, luckily the temp was stable during the day. it only dropped last night (sorry koi) and I am still thinking my media because of the temp drop would have suffered.

So now I would like to ask you all here, when should I pp it once again, what is the life cycle of these blighters. Do I need to do it again in 3 days or something?

Hope all is well with everyone else, i am not looking forward to the start of the season, I will have to have microscope ready and be well prepared.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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