Wow, I cant believe really how time does go so quick.

Seems so long since i wrote here, and i dont know why… well actually i do, been kind of hiding, i think. Been writing a lot though which has been good..

For anone who hasnt read my latest story, go visit the clan, i promise its a good one, and taken from personal experience.

Things here are moving really quick to. The garage and shed is up, the hedge at the back of the garden is now down, and we removed the old clapped out wooden shed last week. It has been hard work, but its nice to see things coming together and getting sorted, got such a long way to go yet though, and its getting more stressful.

Mum moves in next week, and i am a little nervous, have got used to my own space here, and doing things all our way, and she has already said that she wants to be here to sort of take over.

She isnt going to be able to take over our lives though, as i have to stand up for myself and not let her run how i do things.

It is going to be difficult……


Anyone any suggestions apart from leaving the country for a few months…..

Oh well, had a really hard job over the weekend of finding a bath that will fit our small bathroom. The original bath is actually part fitted into the wall, and plastered round it, so having searched high and low, i managed to find a compact bath, on sale in home base, as it was ex demo, (We always seem to get demo stuff) but i cant complain its saved us 300 quid, and when Paul picked it up it came with the shower screen to which is over £100 quid. So now all I am looking for is a toilet and sink to go with it.

I was originally going to get a set from b n q, but there was just no way it was going to fit in, so now i have spent a little more but at least it will look like it belongs there instead of making it look way too small.

Regarding myself, ummm I am doing okish, Paul hasnt been well so ed, has been trying to get back in by telling me that i am not well to and shouldnt eat as much, because it will make me feel worse. The thing is I dont feel so bad, just got a constant headach at the mo.

I was weighed on thurs and my weight has only moved by 1lb, which in 4 weeks is nothing, i also ate brecky before i got to the hospital, so thats where that came from i think.

I had a good chat with shirley again, and in the afternoon session we covered friendship and how some of us make bad decisions with friends.
Its a topis we are going to talk about again, as it seemed to hit home with a lot of people.

Anyways, am having yet again a busy week, but am also going to go visit a friend on wed, so am hoping for a little me time to.

This weekend is our 10th year wedding aniversary, and although we will be very busy over the weekend i still am hoping that paul will be thinking about it.

Speak to you all soon, and hope you are all well.

Dawn xx