wow, i can tell you somethings really improve, this new laptop i have is wireless, and its ace, i have had it all over the house today, and am now tucked up in bed, as we have no heating. Our gas boiler is getting moved and is in bits along with half of the kitchen and living room.

I will upload some pics when i get my phone stuff on here, and then can transfer them, there is so much going on here, its crazy.

Well worth it though….

Yesterday, i was supposed to be having a lazy day with paul, but yeah it never happened, curly the guy who was taking the boiler out was here all day and then mum turned up and we ended up moving 4 tonne of rubble down the bottom of the garden where paul has now used it to make a rockery with.

It was serious hard work..

Today curly has been back and is nearly there with the boiler, the flagger has been and is nearly finished with our flags, the shed is on them but not finished yet, and the electric guy was supposed to come and didnt.

Even though i have been online most of the day, i have been so busy.

I moved everything from the sitting room which will be mums bedroom into the spare room, which will be our dining room.

And then did loads of writing…

OOOOhhhh aand dont forget the million cups of tea i had to brew..

Am seriously hating the kettle right now……

Oh well, it is actually good to be back with everything and to be able to do what i want is great.

You wont get rid of me now heheheheheheh am back for good…

Love to ya all.

Dawn xx