This blog is coming from my new laptop, thankfully i managed to get my hubby to get off his high horse and spend some money on me, I am just sure he was trying to get out of it for as long as possible, but am happy now.

Its a Dell with a red cover on it, and its really nice, most of all i am pleased as I can now get back on line, and write again, been missing it so much.

Missed everyone here, and missed just being able to do something, its been really boring at home, but now well the world is my oyster again.

I am doing really well at the moment, life is actually picking up for a change, things are moving forward and I am real pleased with it.

I have had the go ahead from the doctor to go back to work, as things have settled down, my meds are working great and i am sleeping ok now, i am not surprised with the amount of hard gardening we are doing.

I am down to one day at daycare, and as things have been getting harder there due to the fact they are insisting on a cullinary skills class, that i am really glad of not being there so much.

Even though the doctor said i am ok for work, my boss is saying that i cant go back till they get a letter off my doctor, i think they are just being stupid but if i dont go in to work on wednesday this week, then will they sack me for not turning up, plus i cant do without the money, so i dont know what to do there. Go in or not. I will be ringing my union rep up and speaking to them on monday, but then have to speak to steve again as well.

I dont really want to go back there, but needs must and then at least i can save up for some new things again.

Anyways, i will catch you all again soon.

Love to ya all, Dawn xxxx

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