Christmas may be a great time of year for some of us, but then there are a few who it isn’t.

For the Anorexic, it’s a time to hide and be alone, and hate themselves more than any other time. As their family want them to be there but they can’t.

For the Bulimic, it’s a time to stuff themselves all week and throw up everything, and then regret it so much in the new year.

For the over eaters, its just an excuse to eat and eat, and put weight on, ‘as everyone does’

For those who self harm it is particularly hard as scars show when you don’t want them to. When you want to feel perfect and your not.

For others who are sick with illness like cancer it’s a time they have to treasure as their time is short.

For those in hospital separated from family, it’s lonely and hard.

Never be alone; never feel alone, there is always someone out there who will listen….

Take care all of you.

Dawn xx

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