Had a great morning, been up early and managed to speak to my friend on the polish chat messenger, which was quite hard, Im not that good at polish….

I went for my riding lesson, which was great, I sweated buckets, and am sure poor Rufus just knew I wasn’t in the mood for it, he was acting up, he broke his record for how many poo’s he can have in 45 mins, and he kept stopping to trump, bless him, he must have felt awful.

Michelle has been having extra lessons, while I haven’t been able to go, so she is a little better which was good, as she kept Dimple going really well today. She had a canter, but I didn’t feel up to it, with my foot being bad and all. Don’t know why, it’s gone from being a sore hip, to a bad foot, and no pain in the hip… weird…

Anyways, had a few more emails off New York, the contract is back with the signature from their end, so am raring to go….

I hope this is a good thing, I know it aint easy trusting people when you are short on cash, but I suppose you don’t get anywhere in life, without trusting at least a few people…

Anyways, as for how I am feeling…

Ummm, not too bad at the moment, weight has gone down just a little, but am managing mostly to eat twice a day, even if its only a sandwich, or cheese on toast, but am making the effort, and I know I will get there.

I have an appointment on the 11th with a new psychiatrist up here, so will see how that goes, got the dentist on Monday, so will see how my teeth are as well.

I hate having an ed, as it affects your teeth, and I do love my smile, its one of the things I do actually like, and almost everyone thinks its infectious…. lol… me infectious…

Anyways, for neo and nex, missed you both this week, the time zone diff sucks… but I hope you will be on later today so we can chat…

Now after my ride and managing some breakfast I am off for a kip, my eyes are shutting now while I type, not good…

Speak soon all, and thinking about ya…

Dawn xx

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