Wow I can finally say I am am back,

Its been a tough few months, and I am now settled back at home, and have finally got my internet sorted by going back to dial up, broadband just wasn’t having any of it at my house, so I am tying up the phone line but I don’t care, at least I hopefully wont have any problems.

So how are things with everyone, I know I aint been around but the site really has changed, a lot more people seem to be only after the dating thing.

Maybe I am the only one who comes here to moan and talk about my shit.

Anyways, had a sort of good week so far, work has been interesting as usual and at least I went out for a bit last night, haven’t been into doing much at the moment, am finding a lot of things pretty hard, especially food. Paul will be due home any minute and be expecting his tea, I am not having anything as I did eat a lot in work today, Monika brought me some homemade polish pasta dish, and I ate my sandwich too, so that is enough for today, if I eat anything else, I will only feel really bad and probably be sick so I am not having anything.

I know it doesn’t solve the problem but I have really done ok today, and yesterday, so will take the next few days as they come.

I am trying my best to get ed sorted, and am going back to the docs for some counselling again, a different one this time, she focuses on the present and not the past, so maybe this will help a little more than last time, as although talking about the past helped me deal with all the abuse and stuff I went through it didn’t really help me deal with food or some of the stuff that was going on in the present.

Take care of yourselves and one another.

Dawn xxx

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