Ummm oh well today has been very inspirational, and very boring.

Been working hard on my script for my novel. It’s slowly getting there, but it’s hard to rewrite something you already have done…

Anyone interested in seeing any? Let me know…

Been on a machine all day today and it’s been really terrible, I know its a little more money but man its really boring…

Other than that had a bad day food wise again. Only managed a little. I don’t know why but I can seem to get myself out of this slump… Its doing my head in, and I feel like I am letting everyone down again…

Luckily for me, I haven’t lost too much weight yet but it won’t be long before the usual people start to say something… It sucks. Wish I could just vanish sometimes but know I can’t.

Sian is off to Poland tomorrow, so I am going to miss her, it may only be for a weekend but when she aint in this county I do worry…

Anyhow I got to go, its been a long night, trying to sort out this computer and the internet problems I am having…

Catch you soon


By kanundra Posted in netlog

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