What a weekend I’ve had…

Friday, went out with Sian, and had the best time, went to a small pub near my mums, as I was staying there so I didn’t have to drive, hehehehe had a lot to drink and some lovely food in a great tapas bar.

Talked the night away, and sorted out a lot of plans for the next few months…

Defiantly getting lsd, into the next film and can’t wait, just have to decide which one heheh…


Hangover from hellll…. What was I drinking… only had three glasses of wine. Well one bottle between us and then a glass with our food… wasn’t that much I can usually drink so much more than that, think as I haven’t been eating a lot it went right through me.

Didn’t even move from my mums till gone 11, stopped and had lunch with my Nan, who isn’t so great at the moment, and headed home.
We then went to pick up our touring caravan so we could do a car boot today… Sorted it out, and then set off….

at 530 am.

Were we mad…?



Big but…..

We sold, over £250 worth of stuff…YES oh YES… You cannot beat a car boot, and most of the things we sold were donated or things we had picked up over the years…

Still got a lot of stuff left, loads of books and clothes, which are going to my local charity shop tomorrow, so then we can scrap our touring van.

I tell you it has done us proud, but there is no point keeping it. When we got it for £20, we took out all the inside and boarded it out, and then filled it to the brim, now there aren’t even 5 boxes of stuff. So we can’t keep it when it costs £60 for 6 mths… It’s done us some cracking car boots though, and it’s been nice to cook my own food and make tea when I needed it. Plus the real bonus was a toilet; I could go to without having to squat over, sorry guys but you really cant aim properly. Lol…

Anyway, been a real long day. My AOL is still acting up and doing my head in, it’s something to do with how far away from the exchange we are, but I just can’t figure it out, had no problems with it for the last 6mths… Bummer. Will ring BT and AOL again tomorrow, now I am in need of some more wine and some good sleep…

Goodnight everyone… have a great Sunday night…


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