Hi everyone

Things are looking up for me at the moment,

Yeah there is still no word on the test results for typsey and spooky is showing some of the same signs that he had, but I know she can fight this.

We have had a letter from the solicitor saying that the third party has admitted full liability though and that means we will be getting paid out soon, so we can get another car, that is good, and it also means we should have something left to put towarsds our land rent this year, that should make it easier for us,

I am feeling more positive, although some of my friends are having a really hard time at the moment and I am sending some positive thoughts too them, (((Lou and Chantelle))) I cant be with them in person, but I am in spirit.

I want everyone to know this is all possible to get better, we have to keep fighting and keep our spirits up in any ways we can. We aint alone none of us.


Love Dawn



Hey, had some bad news today, it has now been confirmed that our other cat, my cat has FIP, and now I am stuck and dont know what to do.


I gave into ed, I was sick after my tea, and I feel so so so so bad. When everything was going wrong a month ago, I still managed to keep him at bay, but I just couldnt, it was like he got in my head and that was it.


I wont be going backwards though, i have to trest this as a blip, and not as total failure.


I will keep going, I am getting there, I suppose small setbacks are supposed to happen.


Or are they, is it not just inevitable that we will return to Ed again and again through out life.


I want to know ???


Why do I seem to get to a point and then go back, is it just always going to happen.

Has anyone really beaten him for good. ?


I am just feeling a bit lost.


Love to you all.




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