Umm what to put lol

Well how about what I have done today, My hubby woke me at 6 to go fishing and as he was shouting at the cat I shouted at him, so got up at seven cleaned my caravan from top to bottom then went into southport shopping, went to lidle then waterstones, then to farmfoods, and summerfield.

I spent £150 and now am exhausted, but at least the cupboards are full and the freezer now I can relax and carry on learning some more polish, for when I visit my friends in february.

Umm, I have my best bud coming up in a bit, for a lunch date, shes been in new york and so havent had chance to see her, and I am so looking forward to it.

Havent got a lot else to say, Am going to try and put a photo up.

Love Dawn



Just a quick one before I go out, sian has just left and we have had a great time catching up, we talked about a few of our friends and the decisions surrounding them. As far as friends go they cant be freinds with us anymore.

Some people, ask too much from you, what i need in a friend is someone who will listen to me, and help me when I am down, someone to socialise with and enjoy myself with, someone to be a great part of my life, and these people have been dragging us both down.

I feel bad in a way for sian as its so hard for her to say things, but her friend has been railroading her into doing things she doesnt want to and the last 6mths of her life have been hell and her friend hasnt really cared about that.

I am hoping now that we can both move forward and start to enjoy life for what it has to offer… which is a lot, yey.

Am looking forward to seeing sian again, we made plans to meet in another week, i think we deserve a good n ight out…

Anyways I should finish doing what i started this morning and then get ready to go out, and get nice and drunk…

Catch you later