Just thought I would update everyone on whats been going on in my life,

Started February when after taking my frined (11th) Karen shopping, I bought my husband some nice underware, for valantines  and she bought the guy she was seeing, Terry some too, (Terry the married man with two small kids)


When she finally got to give them to him, 21st Feb, he decided to get changed in the middle of the factory floor and having no underware on didnt stop him changing either,  I made it perfectly clear that i didnt want to see anything, but five minutes later, he made sure I was looking and got it out again, while my friends could still see.


This happened on a number of occasions, and he also started to touch me, I wasnt happy at all, it got worse, and I started cutting, couldnt talk to anyone about this, I felt i was asking for it, and deserved everything i got,


Eventually I told Paul last wednesday and then also my councellor this week (Cpn) and after havng talked to my family and stuff went to visit my boss this morning and report him.

My boss took the whole thing very serious and he had to have a witness from the factory and so did I, unfortunatly there was no one I could trust anymore in there, and I had to pick the managers son, but at least I knew her wouldnt have said anything outside to any of the other staff before it got out anyway.

I was so scared I was shaking and nearly in tear talking about the whole thing, I guesse when you talk about it it seems all the more real and its awful.


I have just had a phone call from my boss saying he has had both Terry and Karen in the office and neither denied it they both said it happened like I said it had, I couldnt understand, how come he didnt deny it, what was he doing, admitting it, omg, I just dont know what to think, is he getting more pleasure now out of knowing he has hurt me even more,

I am just so lost and unsure and scared and agggghhhhh I am glad they didnt deny it but just cant work out why?


Am I such a bad person that people will always take advantage of me, of the way i act and feel. can people pick up the fact that you are vaulnarable,


Sorry for ranting, just had to get it out i guess


Love and hugs



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