Just wanted to post something positive in amongst all the sadness here,


I feel all your pain and I so wish I could take it and ed away, just dont give in, ever. I am not, none of us should.



We all must keep on fighting,

Together, forever, even if two steps forward, means one back

This feeling of flight, will go away.

But us here will stay, to encourage each other, to draw streangth.

to draw hope, and love, from all

Keep your heads up, reach out to each other, and never give in,



We are all worth more, we all deserve happiness, and love, and friends.

We all, need love and friends and happiness,

We don’t need ed.




He controls us and makes us hate and hurt and not care, when we should, life is short, life is so much more than this, reach out, take it back,




Love and huge hugs, Dawn,


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