Oh this sucks ed sucks, and I am struggling like mad,

Its been four months, since I purged, and felt the need too, but I am going the other way, am finding it so hard to eat, and I hate it, hate it HATE IT

Dont know whats worse, dont know which demon is the most horrid,




Swapped one for the other, and I feel so bad,


I want some answers but I have none,


Wrote this today, for my friends, they my inspiration, and I love them to pieces,




Keep on fighting we must,

For in each other we trust,

To keep our spirits high,

To never let them die,


From feelings deep inside, we know we cannot hide,

so together hand in hand,




Reaching out across this land,

becoming stronger our great line longer,


The inner sanctum we will protect,


The inner child we will respect.


(added this too,)


For all of us here, together we will not fail,

together we can see the light,

together for eternity we will fight,


For hope guides us, and sets us free.

You will be you, and I will be me,


No matter how long, no matter how hard,

together holding hands we will walk this land.

happy free together eternaly.


Love you all guys,



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