I just wanted to thank everyone for being here for me this last few weeks, as they have been really tough, and you all here mean so much to me,

i wanted to say a special thanks,  through everything I have been thinking you have been there,


For everyone else I am sending huge hugs




Please all join in, let is see how many hugs we get this time, as I sure do love them, and for each hug we can give shows us we can do this we can beat ed, and knock him back to where ever he came from.


We are all worth so much more than this existance,

We all deserve to fullfil our dreams and desires,


And together we will.


for together we are stronger than ed, we can hold each other and love each other showing him we do not need him


My love goes out to each and everyone of you, New member and old members,

some who dont visit so often now and I miss,

Love you all and will do forever,







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