Was I so annoyed last night, after leaving the hospital from visiting my nan Paul and I decided to go for a chippy tea, and i was so looking forward to it, hadnt eaten much all day really, and when we went to the hole in the wall to draw out some money, and it said we were over our overdraft limit, by nearly 400 quid, I couldnt believe it so out the window went our tea.

I paniked all the way home about 20 mins talked to paul tried to reason why but couldnt,

in the end when I got home I rang the bank and there it was a stupid stupid mistake,


Our car insurance was due for renewal on monday and the first instalment had to be paid over the phone, so Paul rang them up and paid over the phone, was only supposed to be £41 they took the full amount of £411 and then of course we got hit for bank charges as well so that took it up another £30.


Paul has been on the phone today, but got no luck if we change the policy now and pay direct debit they wouldnt give us a refund and they also called Paul a lier, saying that they listend to the phone conversation and there was no mentioning of the direct debits, he was so so mad, and yet they confused him by saying they would refund us the bank charge, not that to me is admitting they were in the wrong.


So now we stuck with a whopping amount over our overdraft giving us a bad name, and Paul has to take the money from our land rent fund from next year, leaving us short now and that has to be paid in december,


I was so upset last night, after seeing my nan with tubes everywhere doped up to the eyeballs, I just didnt need it, my nan looked so meak and old, ya know, i dont think she should have had the op, I dont think she really wanted it, but for her kids my mum and her brother.


I am losing myself to ed, and I hate it, its horrible I cant stand food at all, and I hate myself for letting him win.


Sorry guys,


love ya all




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