hi everyone,


Just to let you know I am going to a friends on sat night so wont be here,

i am looking forward to it, but then again I am not as I know what the first thing she is going to say to me will be about my looks, and then she’ll ask me whats going on,

I havent been doing so well in eating this week, as in I have but not enough yet, but I am getting there, bit by bit, slowly building back up to normal, though it is getting really tough, not to listen to those voices.

I wrote the good bye ed letter the other night as I feel I am ready to say goodbye I dont want you anymore, and I will succeed this time I know I will,

I am so glad I found you all here, you are all wonderful people who have helped me so much,

especially well just everyone… The list is endless honestly and I cant really name everyone, but know you will all have a place in my heart forever, non of you will ever be forgotten and I will always be here for you to help in anyway I can.


I know we are going out for a meal tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it but I am also a little nervous as they both love their food, and I dont want that much.

I hope you are all ok, and will catch you sometime tomorrow and sunday.

Love you all




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