I wanted to say this for so long, I needed to say this,

I want you out of my life, I want you gone.

You dont help me,

You dont love me,

All you do is hate me.


I need love,

I need help,

I will accept me.


The inside me who is nearly free, is scared to lose you in some ways

You were there for me through good times and bad,

You helped me whenI though no one else could,

but now I know there are others who can help

and I want to say good bye forever,

never do I want to see you again,


So this is it, should I cry,


I am happy,

For once I am happy, I am glad,

and I will be free.


No doubt you will still haunt me,

no doubt you will still be there, at the back of my mind,



But I will ignore you,

and eventually you will get the message,

YOU will become the weak one,

and I the strong ONE.

So good bye,

Good riddence,


I will never ever miss you again.

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