Wow everyone

What a tough night, some of you know I went to my dads, and usually he wants to go out but we didnt his fiance cooked for us instead, which was ok I could handle it (quite enjoyed it actually), but they wanted us to stay the night and I didnt, I still felt a bit off and wanted to be in my own bed to sleep, as it is more comfortable when you got stomach ach.

Anyway, I sorted out some stuf fon his computer and we came home, Paul didnt drink so he drove (ahh) which was good for me as my tummy was sore, well this morning when we got up we got a phone call from my dad, saying he was glad we didn’t stay anyway as someone broke into their car on the car park and cause it was diesel they couldn’t hot wire it properly and it ended up on fire, damaging their car and the two next to them, well it would have been  out car next to theirs if we had stayed, they ended up with no sleep and were really upset. I am so glad that we didn’t stay.

I just wanted to say that something’s really do happen for a reason, and me stumbling on this board is one of the better things in my life, everyone here has helped me so much these last few months and I hope I have helped some others too.

I just wanted to give you all a huge kiss and a big hug. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Thank you so much.

Love and hugs

yours always


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