Oh my god I am so annoyed about what happened today I dont know where to start.

went to work although I didnt feel 100% and was ok this morning managed some toast but ended up with stomach ach, and then felt really bad, one of the lads was going up to the village for some dinner and cause I was hungry for not eating much asked him could he get me something.

I managed to eat my dinner but was feeling a bit full, then one of the other women had a go at me for being off the last day and a bit she kept going on about me not eating properly and saying that I was starving myself, losing to much weight. blah blah.

I really didnt need it.

I was so upset thankfully the manager asked me to go in the office or I was just gonna blow up in her face.

But the thing is I sat in the office really wanting to make myself sick really wanting to punish myself for her nasty words.

I couldnt leave the office as it was to busy so wasnt sick but those voices in my head were battering me, because of her, stupid cow.

Paul quit his job at dinner as well today so I am a little concerned over that, but hey, this is all life isnt it. I wont let these thoughts get me down I have come too far to go back now, I will say as bex told me **** off ed.

Sorry for posting this,

I love you all and thanks so much for the support over these few months you are all amazing people, xxxx

Love and big hugs



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