Good day.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, mum and I went alone to the Wellness Centre in my local village. There we met a lovely lady, who alleviated all my fears. (even though I had to get weighed) and made us both feel very comfortable. 

The actual machines are really easy to use. They’re a gentler way to exercise, doing some of the work for you but you get more benefits from them if you actually push and pull. They do have treadmills and cycles and all other kinds of equipment, and because it’s a smaller more personalised setting I didn’t feel as intimidated as going along to a busy gym. 

Because they monitor everything, I got told not only my weight, they included BMI, visceral fat levels, hydration, bone density and muscle. All of which were pretty interesting to learn about. 

I know what my weight is, and that my BMI is high, but I wasn’t expecting to hear that my muscle weighed in at more than my mothers whole body weight. That I am dehydrated and need more fluids. (will have to see how that one might work as I head back to the day job next week) so now that I got to see what it all entailed. I am really looking forward to a positive start to the year. 

And yes, the house scales are getting wizzed. Am going to give them to my mum to look after for me. They’ve agreed to monitor me watch my weight doesn’t fall too low, or that I become overly addicted to it. 

My plan would be to walk there use the machines and walk back. More likely when the weather is nicer, but I will use their machines for the more aerobic stuff for now, and get used to it. 

I’m not going to talk all figures and numbers, as I know it triggers myself off and others. This is a lifestyle change. Not a diet. My aim is to continue on with what I eat, go back to work and see what happens. This is a slow thing. Hence why the scales are going. Its aimed at my general condition. 






Into week 2 :)

Okay, so I am slacking a little this week. I had a day off. I mean come on, it was past busy day yesterday. 10pm when we sat down last night. And I had a whisky, thought I’d be okay as we also ate late, but nope. Bit of a headache this morning. 

So yeah a day off. Not that I seemed to do much. By the time we were up it was already late. Hubby got some outside things done, and I edited for a while before I had my Skype session with EJ, wanted two this week as Chap 10 is a pretty tough one. A huge space battle. 🙂 so fun, but tough. 

Tomorrow I am heading out to the 

I joined a gym last time only to have to stop because of a sprained ankle. So, I’m trying something different this time around. Mum and I are booked in for a trial and talk through at 10am so I will defo have lots to report from there. 


I am hoping it’s a more reactive training that just going to the gym, they use toning machine and do have other treadmills and stuff at the back. So, I think I should be able to get in a good hour, hopefully not each day though, perhaps 3x a week. I guess it will have to depend. I want to make sure I don’t neglect the birds, so it will have to be worked around them, hubby and my editing. Wow, sounds like I will be pretty busy, but I have to make the change, and going back to work should help lots too. 

Mum has plans for Friday so I’m really enjoying my last week off. 🙂