AudioBook Review – Black Widows

This was a great short Ep and a good introduction to the world created by Michael. I am really interested in more of these, I looked on over to amazon and fingers crossed because there are more!


Black Widows, Episode 1 | [Michael G. Thomas]

“Great Episode and I am looking for more.”


I wasn’t totally sure when I came into this one, so many shorts are just that, part of a larger piece, and I guess this is just that. It shows in the setup and execution. But it’s not a bad thing. I think we get so used to having longer works that we forget the excitement of receiving something as part of a series… so kudos to both writer and narrator for taking this on. It’s well worth the listen and the time to start investing in both narrator and characters.

Story wise, I do think that the all-female cast is really good. It’s not over-done, it’s refreshing because they’re strong and they think. It’s not all about the action.

Of course, I had my fav, and Nancy did a fantastic job of distinguishing between them all even though it was a very short just under 2 hours long…. it was worth investing in and I’m looking forward to more, and will happily follow this new series πŸ™‚ so thank you.

As the author of this review, I received a free copy of this audio, with no requirement to review or endorse. These are my honest thoughts on this story/narration.

Sci Fi Blog Hop – Author Interview – Ash Litton

Today’s Author Interview is with Ash Litton. And I love that there’s a unicorn on the cover!



Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?

Ash: I’m always an advocate for all things in moderation, but the reality of marketing is that you need to A: have a planned schedule, and B: prepare in advanced. Don’t be afraid to have a script – I’ve always written up a rotation of advertising blurbs and run the same blurbs across multiple platforms across multiple days, weeks, or months. I’ve included pictures, too – the cover art by itself, or sometimes a “promo card”, as I call it – to help give a visual incentive for potential buyers to follow the vendor links.

Did you make any marketing mistakes or is there anything you would avoid in future?

Ash: Starting out, I didn’t do any marketing, and I felt the results of that. I think I had the gratuitous buys from friends and family during the first month or two, but after that, I didn’t sell a single copy for at least six months. I switched up my behaviour, started marketing my work through Twitter, and saw the spike in sales. I’ve since found dedicated genre groups on Facebook and have extended my promotions there, and have seen an added increase in sales. It also helps that I’m putting out more material each year. The more you have to sell, the greater the chance you have of making sales.

Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

Ash: To a degree, yes. There are groups dedicated to the analytics of covert art and sales projections, but in my own opinion: so long as the cover doesn’t look like a Hollywood “ransom note” with pieces cut and pasted together, I don’t think many buyers are going to care whether the author spent $5 or $500 for cover art services.

Did you do a press release, Goodreads book launch, or anything else to promote your work, and did it work?

Ash: Outside of a pre-sale promotion by my regular methods of advertising, I haven’t done anything so formal, no. I will be considering it with my larger works, though, but until I hammer out release dates for those, then I won’t be able to set up a formal game plan outside of “shop around, see what my options are, and put together a tentative outline of execution”.

Which writers inspire you?

Ash: Quite a few. I was first introduced to Neil Gaiman through the Illustrated Film Script of MirrorMask, when I got a copy of the book to read from the library. Through Neil Gaiman, I found my way to the late Sir Terry Pratchett. I started reading books by Laurell K. Hamilton back in high school, and the same with JK Rowling. I don’t remember how it was that I discovered Jim Butcher, but I was so glad I did.



Ash Litton is a writer and lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and all things fictional. She is the author of No Signal, Thoroughbred, Evening Hallow, and Comeuppance, and works on other Appalachian Dream Tales between her ongoing novel projects.

When she’s not writing, she’s drawing, and when she’s not doing either of those, she’s dreaming up new projects to work on. Born and raised in rural West Virginia, Ash has always wondered what things lay hidden in the hills around her. She attended West Virginia University, where she studied the English language before returning home to her family in rural West Virginia.
You can follow her on her website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

AudioBook Review – We are Legion. We are Bob


I was so excited that this turned to an audiobook! this is one of the greatest projects I’ve had the joy of being part of. Even be it a tiny part of.

Huge congrats to Dennis for this amazing world. And I hope lots of others will join me and Bob on this journey!

Review as follows

“Exciting new sci fi!”


Full disclosure. I had the wonderful opportunity to read some of this in one of my author crit groups, but I was super excited to then learn of it as an audiobook! Especially read by Ray Porter, who I enjoyed for some of his other works. So I had to go and buy this. πŸ™‚

Dennis’s Bobiverse was a little strange at first. But, you’re soon taken in by the wonderful humour of Bob and the weird circumstances he’s got himself into and has to keep himself sane from…. I admit there’s a lot going on, and there are some ‘Bob’s I like more than others. But that’s to be expected. They are all so different…. and of course as a trecky fan I love Ryker. And Homer πŸ™‚

This really was a joy to be a part of and an excellent listen. I think my only gripe was the story seemed to have really gotten going, and then it ended. Of course, it’s that vast and large a world, as in the whole universe, that there is much more scope for Bob and his replicants, and the last few survivors from Earth.

An excellent story for any sci fi lovers, this is something very different, full of science, and things I don’t understand, but loved learning about.

Thank you Dennis and Ray… and hurry up with Bob 2! I can’t wait.

AudioBook Review – 36 Hours

Great shorter listen this week, by a narrator who I’ve had the pleasure of listening to before. Kevin’s voice is really deep, gritty but easy on the ears πŸ™‚

Review as follows


  • 36 Hours: The Blackout Series, Book 1 | [Bobby Akart]

    “Thought provoking”

    It was nice to listen to Kevin again, and this premise interested me a lot due to the science of it. I must admit there was a lot to take in at first. But as each first chapter introduced us to the characters and to what was coming, I got more and more sucked into the story.

    Preppers do have the mentality attatched to them of being a bit on the wacky side, but I think in all honesty having some sort of stock about you really isn’t. Especially with the way the world seems to be heading. Maddison was a fab Mom and did everything she could to help calm her daughter down and protect her from even her own thoughts at first.

    Alex totally different gal, you think she’s this quiet kid who just wants to do what kids do, but she rescues her mom from a mugger with a golf club! There were some really tough moments in this story. And the more we got to know Maddy and Alex, and her husband Colton. The more we were routing for them being re-united.

    I think my only grip is that it’s so short. I know there’s a sequel, but I feel it’s actually really part of this story. It stopped at a good place after they met up, but the only thing that led me to want more was the bonus chapter/teaser.

    Still excellent listen, Kevin has a deep, but soothing tone I really like. He puts great twists with his male and female characters and I’m happy to listen to anything he narrates because of that. Next one please πŸ™‚

    This audio book was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.

AudioBook Review -Full Share

Back with the crew on the Lowis! If you love sci fi character driven stories, this is the one for you….

Review follows.

“Excellent Listen”

I was so excited to get back to Ish and the crew. What a fantastic series this has been.

However, this was a great listen. There’s so much going on here, with a new crew member coming aboard and the uncertainty of Ish losing his place on the ship. This novel defo has a much sadder undertone, and Jeffery did a fab job as usual, with all the characters and especially the woman, it amazes me how much each person really has their own twist and voice. I am in awe of what narrators do. But the amazing writing, and drinking and food also still makes me want to drink more coffee and find out how to make spicy beefalow πŸ™‚

I really did enjoy the full journey though, and the fact that Ish and Bev get together is just perfect, I wondered of the three who he actually might end up with if the opportunity arose. At most points through this book, I kept thinking, come on, I’m routing for him… the ship and almost dying, wow, really great writing and really awesome deductive work from Ish and the crew to get to the bottom of that problem. A mystery I was happy to follow, as I was with the problems they were having with the new crew member CC.

I was looking forward to the next one, but now I’m not so sure. And I have to say, I think the only thing with it that’s bothered me is the preview chapters and then subsequent wanting to skip the first few in the next new book. I also got a taster of the next book, (book 4) before I cut the off switch. And I’m sad if there isn’t anything really written of his academy days, I mean to skip 4 years of his life… seems a huge switch. Maybe it will work or not, but sigh. I really wanted to see what happened there too.

I am very much still looking forward to hearing the next book and following on with Ish and maybe Pip and Bev…. guess we’ll see when I get there.

Thanks for the great entertainment this week already pre ordered the next πŸ™‚