Cora – Day 3

I didn’t get chance to write about her yesterday so there are two today.

I was concerned for her behaviour and so asked a few friends. Video is here.

Cora was pacing a lot when first uncovered and throughout the day. Advice was to cover a portion of her cage and move her food bowl close to where she could sit comfortably.

This seemed to make a difference yesterday…


Progress at work was lots of nice writing done 🙂

The words no Koi Keeper ever wishes to here. :(

A lot of you know I keep Koi, my pictures and videos are there for all to see. They’re a huge part of my life, I love them, just as much as I love my cat, Spooky and my Parrot, Bobby.

The latest video of course

But, you don’t know that I also help moderate over a few forums. Mostly the guys there play nice, which is always good to see. And I help where and wherever I can. Locally in my area, I’ve helped a few valued friends. And hope to continue to do so.

But there are some very worrying concerns within the hobby a virus called KHV which everyone knows and learns about. It was with great sadness that I’ve followed one of our forum members tragic experience this last week in their collection getting sick, to the Final Diagnosis and euthanasia of their whole pond. 😦

I won’t take any of their post to put here, but wanted to link to the forum because of all the love and support Bryan and Rosemary have had there.

The posts speak for themselves, and I am very proud of our community and the site for what it is. As far as a hobby goes, you will never, ever have friends like you do here.

Completely different to the bird community. There is no where near as much nonsense. I am a proud and happy Koi Keeper, and I hope that Bryan and Rosemary may start again. With love and support anything is possible.

I wish them well for the future.

Awesome day!

Word count from 73,474 – 76,484

Today’s count 3010

First, a little about last night… It was good, to be out with my husband and our friends Yan and Emma. Big thanks to them for coming up to visit. Although I still couldn’t sleep past 7.30 am and had to resort to sitting in my dining room on the floor with my laptop on my knee writing lol



Today, my novel has just blown right up.

Admiral Octav has been banished from the ship due to Chace’s poisoning and the closer they are, the quicker he will die. And finally I am at the climax of the whole novel…

My two Aonise ships have just made some major changes to their engines on the whim of a child (Taliri, albeit he is a child genius) and they’ve just jumped from one end of the galaxy nearer to Earth than ever anticipated!

It was not a safe jump though even with the engine modifications. Captain Sardi buckled under the pressure as the ship exploded and Admiral Octav had to step in. They’re now fighting to keep the ship stable and are about to start an internal fight with the previous Captain stuck in the brig….

It couldn’t be any more exciting for me to write and I hope for others to read.

I have three chapters left to write… and I am storming. I think this will be finished in the next few days.

Oh no!!! I am so sad. 😦

To all the wonderful people who this weekend have followed my blog and liked my posts. Thank you so so much.

I look forward to getting to know you all more.

Happy writing everyone and speak soon.

Dawn x