Result! squee!

So yes, Bolton Comic Con was awesome, and seeing Andrew Dodd once again, was awesome… loved it.

In all a fab day out, but a long one, boy was I wiped out after all the walking about. In a good way. Enjoyed it that much, seeing all the characters, talking to the stall holders, bought some books, and some comics… and I booked to go to the Birmingham one. (though much bigger and more walking for sure) lol excited. and very excited for us to do one…. : )

I have so many ideas now, and so much to get together, but it was really good. I think TSK will do fab in that area, we’ve so much to give, great stories, characters, and art… squeeee……………

The sun is out today…. Bobby’s being hormonal…. spring is here I hope….

Back to work it is for us…. just wanted to squeee really.


Squee! Bolton Comic Con tomorrow!

Yes, researching, honest. I’ve never had the pleasure of going to one before. And wishing to take TSK along to one, I decided that it was necessary to do this. 🙂 So, dragging my mum along for a day out, haha. one she’s prob never gonna forget, don’t think this is something she’s ever done either. Motorcycles, Car’s and Airplanes. But yeah not comic books and people dressed up 🙂

Hoping to meet our animator there, fingers crossed. And also a friend from work is going, so there should be plenty to see and do.

Quite excited, and I will take pics and lots of notes. We’re so much planned if we do get to an event, don’t think it will be this year, but defo for next year. 🙂