AudioBook Review – Clockwise


So far this week I have a full on Audio selection. Hehe. And this was my first choice. A YA time travel novel written by Elle Strauss turned AudioBook by Andrea Emmes.

YA is something I delve into quite often because there’s nothing better than letting your younger self back out hehe. And I’ve never been disappointed.

This was no exception, I had a great ride with Andrea and Elle, what a wonderfully narrated and well told story. 🙂 Really enjoyed this, I was sorry there wasn’t more in the series already to download, and I just don’t have time for real books (even e-books ) aha you can find the AudioBook here – please check it out…. it’s worth it.

My review is as follows. –

“Fantastic! loved it. “


Okay, spoilers follow.

This is a YA, which will defo entertain any age. It’s such a fun and enjoyable listen.

Casey is a very normal kid in the fact she’s not gorgeous and she’s smart, with nobly knees and fly away hair. I think half the teenagers around will be able to identify with her. She’s 15 approaching 16 and her parents are separated.

But her life is far from normal as she time travels, well not totally sure if it’s in as physical a sense as she thinks. But time her end doesn’t move, and she jumps back to the 1860’s.

Her biggest issue is not only doing that, and knowing when she can travel back home, but that with skin to skin contact she can take someone else or other objects with her.

This is a bad thing she’s taken her best friend there when they were 10, and now at 15 she takes her high school crush, Nate.

This is an adorable journey for them both because Nate can’t believe what’s happening and can’t believe that Casey (a girl) knows how to kill and cook a wild animal.

There’s so much fun in here, yet, there are also some very serious undertones, on slavery and the governments from the 1860’s 1960’s and of course present day inter-relationships.

What Andrea brings to the table is a wonderful young and excitable voice, she does both Casey and Nate’s voices with great skill. Then of course add in Samual, and the other members of the Watson family and she’s perfect.

I have to admit, when Samual kept disappearing just like Casey does, I was suspect. And Casey kept saying there was a reason she kept going back to the 1860’s… of course there was, she and Nate needed to save Samual from being killed by Robert. uggh what a horrid horrid man. I also know he was going to be the worst kind of human being.

Sarah and the Watsons’ got a lucky escape in her not having to marry that awful man either. Maybe Casey was supposed to stop her marrying that awful man to.

I have learned this is a series of books! Squeee….. my inner 16 year old is very happy now, and I can’t wait to listen to more of Andrea’s narration within this Time Traveling world.

A match that was made for each other, I will keep looking for more in this series. Thank yo both for the very entertaining few days while at work. Just loved it. 🙂


AudioBook Review – The Atomic Sea, pt 3 and 4

So great to be back with these characters. 🙂 I’m glad I’ve got two to listen to on the trot though, just never enough in them!

Written by Jack Conner and narrated by Ray Greenley –

The book can be found on Amazon along with the rest of the series and on Audible .com and 🙂

Review is as follows. –

“Great to be back…”

So today and tomorrow, I’m back with Avery and the crew in the fight against the Octung!

It was great to be with them again. I can’t help but totally get involved in the world here, Avery as a character had come on in leaps and bounds. I must admit, I was a little shocked that he and Layanna get together. But, the more their relationship grew through this part of the story I can see why. Avery is a vastly different character than when he started this. He’s stronger and more resilient than anyone I’ve met, but he’s still vastly flawed in some of his decisions and I guess that is what still makes him human.

Janx and Hilde are such fun characters, Janx will pretty much do anything for the cause now, and Hilde’s constant ‘this will never work’ but ‘oh well, lets go’ is funny.

The explanations in here of the Collosom and then the Overloards and gods is really good, it’s great to start to put together the whole world that is inside Jack’s head. Sad to see MurBlog back though on the other side 😦 that’s really bad for their friends.

There weren’t any really moving moments in here, in regards to story. Perhaps because of the grisly nature of the sacrifices, and the overlords. It’s horrific to think that these people are so brain washed that they’d go in their willingly. Was also quite shocked that Avery poisoned himself so that he could go in the inner temple. Uggh, glad at least that his mutations weren’t so bad he was totally deformed.

Sheridon and Annie turning up was quite a surprise, and this is where Avery makes the biggest mistake and takes her back to the Black Sect. Which is their downfall, you know it’s coming because of it. I have to admit, I didn’t like that Janx, Hilde and Layanna didn’t inform Avery that the weapon they’ve been building to stop the war needs extra dimensional fuel to work, this is a big wrench when Avery’s at the end of his tether.

In regards to narration, excellent job from Ray, there’s some moments in here that I would not be happy reading aloud haha, because they’re just cringe worthy, he does a fab job of sticking to character, and totally is entertaining with his different voices.

I am looking forward to what happens next, will they catch Sheridon and make it to the Atomic Sea…. but I’ll have to wait till I’m in work again haha. I am defo an audio book covert.


Kanundra 09/04/2016

“This is too exciting now!”

This series gets better, and better with every part. I’m totally invested in these character now. The good and the bad…. don’t think I ever like a bad guy before. 🙂

As always spoilers follow…

Okay so this has to have been one of the most emotional and hard parts for me to listen to and I shall tell you why.

Three major dynamics are at play here for me, and they’re emotionally very strong, which is what the writer’s been building for. And he’s done a great job.

Avery and his daughter… Such deep seeded background and emotion for us to follow here. Every situation is marred by these characters pasts, if only they could move past some of what happend to them and look to a better future. This book shows how tough a decision that is actually to do in real life. It’s a constant battle for Avery to think of the bigger picture and not just his daughter, who he would die for.

Sheridon and Avery – I have to say here. I do not hate Sheridon AT all. Her goals aren’t that far stretched for me to actually believe now that she is trying to fight for a better world but in her own way, within her own closed in life. She’s emotionally scared just as Avery is, and she’s actually finally shown some real emotion here, which took some horrendous amount of courage for her. I’m admit I was almost on the verge of tears for her because Avery does the ‘right’ thing in his world and takes back the device.

Avery and Layanna – Again another huge dynamic here, that really tugs at the heart strings. They’ve almost broken up because Layanna accepted sacrifices to finish the device (the device to save the world) and Avery can’t get over that horrid thought that she ate some innocent lives. There is such a bigger picture issue here for everyone that it’s hard to grasp everything in your own head untill you actually sit and think about it. So much action, travel and so many decisions to be made.

For Layanna seeing her husband and son after all these years is awful. They hate her, but don’t, and that’s difficult for her. But the one thing it does do is bring Avery and Layanna back together, phew. I don’t want them to suffer any longer…

Janx and Hildra, well they’re still such fun and wonderful characters on their own, Janx with his stories, and Hildra with her swagger, and need for hildebrand. you can’t help but love them all. I do hope this journey isn’t going to be any harder on these four.

Overall. This is a series that has your head in the clouds one minute with it’s wonderful descriptive sea creatures from another dimension, then back down in hell as we realise they’re more horrid in nature than beautiful. Such terrible sickening things they do to people. ugggh the writer really makes you want to vomit sometimes. Yet, I have to say its as fascinating as it is horrid.

Ray’s performance in this part I totally believe is the best I’ve heard from him so far. The book itself has so many emotional scenes, that his effort in delivery of them is 100% so thick with feeling that you can’t help but be right there with the characters in their world. Feel the devastation they’re going through and then sometimes (very rare) the joy at that emotion.

This is a long series, and my only wish was there were some better breaks in-between the books. But, I guess because it’s so long there kinda isn’t many good places to stop…

Looking forward to the next in the series… come on guys!

Book Review – Think Happy Club-Friendship


I’ve had the great pleasure of being sought out to write some book/and AudioBook reviews this last few weeks,  (more so than the usual requests) and I have been doing them on and off for sometime, yet I’ve never really posted them to my blog before. So this is the first. There will be more to come I promise you that.

I will post it here because it was such a wonderful reminder of friendship, how we should act and how we need to work at things to keep those we love around us. Which more often than not, never really happens. True friends will stick with you for a life time, others just come and go.

This wonderful book written by Anne Saucer and Grace Snoke was pointed in my direction this week and here’s a link to my review 🙂 –

Review of Think Happy Club – Friendship

I was given a copy of this in exchange for an honest review, but I enjoyed it so much I bought it… 🙂

What I found in these pages was not only a wonderful message for the younger person, (I have to say I’m not really sure about children although the characters in the book are much younger, I think the messages is for older kids, teens, but I have to admit I’m debating this one a lot lately because so many young children are just really tiny adults. Sigh ) But the content here really does resonate with us as adults as well. We could learn a lot from this book.

It has some great motivational aspects, from ‘Listen’ to ‘Fight if you have to’ because not everyone gets along all of the time and better to sort things out than to keep it bottled up.

A couple of my more favourite moments are ‘Accept the differences’ and ‘Plan an Adventure’ because how many of us actually do that. Life is so full on that I believe a lot of our real friendships go by the wayside, and we should fight for those who have been around us and supported us.

So that leaves me to the best part, for me, it’s been a reminder that friendship is to be nurtured and cherished. Thank you so much for this, it will have a lasting effect on my day and my week.

Review 4 stars, I gave it this award because although it was lovely, I wasn’t sure the artwork was quite the right age. Even with youngsters growing up as fast as they are.