Taking a step back – Truths

So here we are, and I’m bringing you up to date with things how they happened through June, I had planned to put 3 chapters a week through till I published book 6, but the month started bad, so I slowed it all down, and now with SS6’s last chapter published I’m telling the truth.

Essentially, as many of you know I planned to publish the 4 books every other month from April. So, June, August, October.

I let everyone know over on Facebook and my groups this last week that it wasn’t happening in June, but I’ve not spoken out as I needed things to settle, and I had to give the person responsible some time to respond to my emails.

I’ve heard nothing sooo…

My artist let me down. Big time. There are just no words for the lack of professionalism, or even consideration for anyone else but themselves.

Not only did she not deliver on her promises for my covers. (I should have had book 7s by the end of June,) but I had to reorganise my editors schedule, and I couldn’t publish book 6. Leaving myself and my fans with nothing. (I know you guys got the early draft here, but not the public)

I’m sure you all know her art, and her name, she’s very big in the genre and she is not cheap. Her art is amazing, she’s super talented, and I adored her. Not anymore. I have done my best to not say anything in a public place, bar that something happened and I had to pause life for it.

She has always been late, never once delivering anything when predicted. Every cover. All last year too, which when I booked her for the next 4 covers I already knew and vectored into my schedule an extra 3 months for her to complete work.

However, later and later she was, (I know being ill sucks too) this year has not been easy on any of us. Things just fell apart from April onwards, (there were other issues which I’m not posting about in public)

I emailed her in May with no answer and with book 6 due to publish 25th June. I specifically asked her again in email beginning of June did I need to hold off, she promised she’d deliver in the next week. The next week never came. Why not just tell the truth? I’m more frustrated with the ghosting than anything else.

Communication is everything in this world.

June 22nd she emailed me a question, still saying the cover was coming. I hoped it was… I really did.

Everything was set for an amazing night, the 25th June, publishing book 6, the indie audio awards where I was staying out… but nothing came. Not even an apology or a reason, just nothing.

On the 24th June with still nothing I had to post saying I couldn’t publish the book. 😦

There was still nothing from my artist. I try not to see what people post on facebook when they’re ghosting me, but it’s hard. What they do in their own time is their business. But this started to get to me.

On Monday the 28th I went looking for I guess some kind of release, and I posted in a private group, and spoke to one friend about it. That night my artist posted to her group with basically everything I’d said in the private group. Knowing that someone told her from that group was not very nice, but again nothing that wasn’t the truth either…. and she knows it. So do all my friends who have watched me stress and agonise over this for the last few months.

Not once has she written to me.

A public post to her group is not an apology to me.

A public post does not put food on my table.

So I fired her on the 30th, giving her the opportunity to communicate with me within 14 days, so I could get books 5 cover and new typography to match for books 6-8

Still nothing at all. The two weeks are up, so I’m telling the truth.
As friends and other creatives I get that things go wrong. Life can be very difficult. Mine sure has been. I don’t talk much about the daily things I go through, but not eating properly for nearly 12mths, living in one room fighting my insurance company to fix my house up and general world related problems has been beyond terrible. You know me, well.

You all know I love you a ton. I value your friendship and support. So for that I thank you.

Writers have to publish. If I’m not publishing, I’m not earning. The fact my artist dropped the ball so much has not only left me in shit, but added to all the other stress of then having to cancel my editors (can’t pay them if I’m not earning). I feel like just giving up and that is not what I want. But I’m not the only person in the chain of creating.

I won’t give up though, just means some of the things I’m doing now are not just writing related. I’ve taken on a very large editing job for a client that is scheduled through till next summer.

Mostly I writing to tell you I do not know where I’m going from here, and I needed you all to know and understand the reasons why.

I will decide later this month if I continue to post here, and if I’ll pause all the membership.

Thank you for all your support.


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