Ascend online by Luke Chmilenko

Excellent review for Ascend Online from Lit RPG Reviews. Fab site to go visit if you love Lit RPG 🙂

GameLit reviews


This gets a 4.5 star review.  It’s really good.  It doesn’t break any new ground and a lot of it is going to be old saw to LitRPG readers, but the devil is in the details and the details of this book are excellent.

If you’re a reader who wants to know what type of LitRPG it is, it’s a town-building/action style LitRPG.  Think of Daniel Black, Aleron Kong’s The Land, G. Akella’s Realm of Arkon, and of course, the book everyone will confuse with this one, Travis Bagwell’s Awaken Online.

The best summary doesn’t come from me, but from someone who wrote that, “It feels like a game designer made this book.”  Yes.  This is a book with lots of love put into the World and the system.   It’s a great addition to the LitRPG genre and I hope the future books continue…

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