AudioBook Review – Errant Contact

Still so far behind in getting some of my reviews in and on here. I’m trying. I’m catching up on my pile, but then things like this come across my facebook news feed and I just HAVE to have it, and then as soon as one books finished, this was on my playlist!

Review follows as usual, but I REALLY want to shout about how much I loved this book. This writer is amazing… and I’ve been totally entertained by it for the last few days. 🙂


Errant Contact | [T. Michael Ford]

“Excellent story :)”

You can’t help but be a big fan of certain narrators, but what I really love about following them around, is they come across some of the most amazing stories I might not have found otherwise.

I have no expectations when I first start with a new book, and I have to admit, the ‘female’ pov of Larie was a little different from a male narrator. I think I was only a little jarred by this because I just presumed at the start that it was a guy, till she spoke, lol. But Greg does wonderful inflections and voices, and I was soon swept away into this new and exciting and scary world.

For me, what matters most, is really decent characters. I thought the writer had both side of this nailed. Great, alien creatures and a sentient AI and human characters who were smart, and stupid. 🙂 lol at Max. He was such a doofer of a character, but throughout the book he had some really life changing moments… and I found myself really liking him as well.

Kodo, and Kalayya were really fun. but I have to say the writer has a thing for names beginning with a K… Komega, Krik….. and was there some more. It didn’t stop me enjoying the book 🙂

There were a few very tense moments. Some that had me on the edge of my seat, (literally pretty hard while driving) and of course, some extreme teary ones.

I do wish there was some interaction with the crew of the Jeff at the end

Fantastic story and narration. This is a book I’d highly recommend… and I do hope there’s a lot more in store for the ship and her crew… I kinda know it’s going to be nasty with the new threat heading to Earth… but… eeek. Hope I can get to listen in soon. I daren’t go see if it’s already out on amazon…

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