Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered

Wonderful words from an Author I greatly admire…

Rhys Ford

file9841262998453I’m going to be honest here.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of fighting.

I’m tired of struggling to ensure rights are respected, tired of the battle against a tsunami of hatred and loathing and ignorance. I’m worn out.

You see, I’ve been fighting this battle since I was about twelve, almost thirteen. I can tell you the exact moment when it struck me that it was wrong to deny someone the right to love another human being because they are the same gender.

It was the day my father said something about one of my friends… a fourteen year old boy. A scrawny, happy, smiling fourteen year old boy named Stewart.

He said, “I hope that fucking faggot dies. I hope someone kicks his ass and he fucking dies.”

A fourteen year old boy.

My father was a police officer at the time, untouchable, arrogant, and armed. He is a…

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AudioBook Review – WormWood Dawn Ep 1-3

I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to this series, last week. With the hope of buying more!
I’ve never really been into Zombies, or the Apocolypse, but I admit this was fun, scary and the characters go through so much, I really enjoyed them all.
You can pick up the series from –
My reviews are as follows 🙂
Episode 1
“Pretty scary suff! “
What did you love best about Wormwood Dawn?

I’m not an active horror pursuer, but I do like zombie films, so this was a good change. I loved the sense of humour of the main character, Dan.

What did you like best about this story?

It has to be Dan, as the world ends around him he’s just so bent on getting wasted still that you just can’t help but feel for him. A normal day starts out and ends pretty badly for him. The end of the world and he’s goosed, but his outlook is still awesome.

What about Clifford Edwards’s performance did you like?

This was the first one I’ve listened to from Cliff, and I enjoyed the fun he brought to Dan’s character, in the darkest moments, Dan’s thoughts are delivered with just the right amount of sarcastic and edge that you really do believe he’s telling you his life story. Great job.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

There were some pretty gruesome moments, and at the time I started to listen to this, 6am in the UK, there was a nice blanket of Fog, which I was driving though! the atmosphere created with the narration and my actual life was just so freaky, it scared me silly. haha.

Any additional comments?

I’ve listened to all three so far, so I’m going to post a longer review on story and content there.



Episode 2 

“Great second episode!”
Would you consider the audio edition of Wormwood Dawn, Episode II to be better than the print version?

I haven’t personally read the book, but the narration always adds another dimension to a story. Because they put so much into the acting. There is a lot of work gone into this and it’s obvious. 🙂

What other book might you compare Wormwood Dawn, Episode II to and why?

I’m not a huge zombie reader, so can’t really compare, I do however like the Dawn of the Dead movies, and Shaun of the Dead, which is the more comedic version. I defo love the comedy side of this, and the eery side. It’s not quite zombies, but mutations as well, so it adds that extra layer, which is horrid and gruesome, but fascinating as well.

What does Clifford Edwards bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

The humour, Dan’s inner dialogue can be so brilliant. Like you’re thinking it, but Clifford delivers perfectly.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

I’m not so sure ‘moved’ is the right term, but there are plenty of ‘egggh’ and ‘yuk’ moments, described very well and given just the right tone in delivery that you really do feel utter sick by the gruesome monsters in this story.

Any additional comments?

Nope, reserving it for the third 🙂

Ep 3

“Just gets better! “
What did you love best about Wormwood Dawn, Episode III?

These characters are just so ‘real’ that the story is fab and this episode is by far the best as things come to a real head for the group…

What was one of the most memorable moments of Wormwood Dawn, Episode III?

There have been a few good memorable moments throughout the series so far. I have to say that Dan’s own internal transformation is starting to rock. He started out such a loser, that bumbled along with his life and he really made you feel sorry for his stupid life, but here he is fighting for survival with friends, and friends he now cares about. What a change in his whole attitude.

What does Clifford Edwards bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Again, just the whole tone and characterisation of all the characters, he does a great job with them. Personality and flare.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Yes, I listened to all three in three days. I drive for a living, and can listen to 4 hours or more a day, this was a great way to spend my time. 🙂

Any additional comments?

Okay, so some major thoughts here…. I can’t not say that the recording quality difference was apparent from ep 1 and 2 to this one. But, it certainly doesn’t detract from the effort by the narrator or the written story. In all honesty I actually think it added to the ambience of the world Edward created.

I also have to admit here, that because I listened to them all at once, 3 days in a row, I can’t remember which Ep certain key moments are in, but I’ll mention the ones that stick in my mind the most.

The fact that Dan is a loser and a drunken one at that, is kinda hard to get into at first, he really doesn’t help himself at all be being as he is. His life seems so meaningless and his outlook is pretty bleak. But he’s funny, and that carries him, I like his attitude even though it is pretty selfish. Drink or pills, and I’m kinda glad he changed his mind and went for the pills. I actually don’t read the blurbs or other reviews, so when it started off, I had no real clue it was a proper horror/zombie story.

The sickness is awful and described very well, makes you feel yuk yourself. What I liked about this one more than anything is that Dan’s now got a friend and I don’t mean the cat… although that was one horrible and scary darned cat, you know 😦 I felt sorry for it, can understand why Dan did too.

EP 2 This is a more interesting Ep because of Drew, and the bulletin board, meeting Jake is very cool, the dog also, although I was worried it would end up like the cat. There are some amazing creepy things going on with the whole world. The cat, the fact the horse is bitten and we know it’s going to turn, (just when) and then the psycho serial killer whose house they burn down. Gee what a neighbourhood this guy lives in, I kinda think no wonder he was a drunk.

The third guy they team up with while out getting supplies is sad, he loses his brother here and that does suck. They’re really up against a lot of crap here and now and it really hits the fan towards the ending when the rogue military groups turn up and start to blast his house apart. However we think that he’s going to be captured, and he’s not, it’s this psycho killer who nabs him, the one whose diary he’s been reading and finding out about, the shocking truth is that he’s alive and changing! into what we’ve no idea, but it’s not looking good for Dan if he’s ended up in this guys clutches….

So, overall I really enjoyed these so far, I was given them so I’d provide honest feedback, and I have, however, I’m now off to buy the next installment! haha.

Thank you very much Clifford and Edward for a very entertaining few days. 🙂


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Time is zipping on!


So this last few weeks have really been a whirlwind of things. I’ve been so busy with listening to Audio for TSK, and in catching up with things for the team on scrib, I’ve barely had time to think about anything other than get up, work, sleep…

This weeks not going to get any better, we’ve a couple of people down in work and that makes for much harder for us to get in, and booked in like the usual. I love my job, but sometimes I really wish I could go part time. That is my main goal, to write like this as the day job in the end, so all the things I am striving and working so hard for are working towards that goal. For me, and for everyone on the team.

As a company we made some decisions last weekend. Which we’re putting into fruition over the next few weeks. These are good things 🙂

AudioBook for TSK’s Lethao is almost ready! squee. I’m very excited about this.

AudioBook shorts from Holly are also nearly there, with a few tweaks to our cover design, they’re now so fab it’s unreal!

Our membership only section is FREE so register and get in NOW, there you’ll all have access to the Lacria dictionary and Time App, with all other goodies as we post them.

TSK’s first short – The Truth Hurts is also in there as a  free read 🙂 so get in and check it out, we’re starting our promo campaign for this in the next few days. And so far so good, response on that is amazing!

TSK’s second book is on target and set for release in Sept.

The shorts anthology also will be set for release as soon as we’ve proofed it over 🙂 Excited for this the art work by Andrew is just amazing!

Ugggh – on a personal level, I think I really just make everything so much harder for myself, and I don’t know why I do it.. haha. Started out with a sore ankle, and now I’ve a very sore leg and knee, Hubby says I should go the docs, but I never have time! so naughty…. I actually think I’m getting out my van wrong in work or something I’m doing during the day is making it bad. shrugs…

So, I’ve yet again addressed a few things, and hopefully, I can sort those out. I am running out of time for myself, and taking a day off is now going to be part of my routine. I’ve got to do it. I need some me time. And my me time, should be getting out the house to do something I enjoy…. mmm I need to think on that one a little more.

Onwards and upwards everyone, never give up on your dreams, with determination anything is possible.





#AuThorsday with Dawn Chapman

Loved doing this interview 🙂 thank you so much.

Sunshine Somerville

4 (1 of 1) 15.55.03.jpgToday I’d like to welcome Dawn Chapman, SciFi/Fantasy author of  The Secret King: Lethao

Can you give us your quickest description of your book?

The Secret King – Book 1 – Lethao.  Short description:  With the death of their planet a world must unite. Kendro, last King of the Aonise, plays a desperate gambit: keeping secret their destination, an heir, and visions of genocide.  The King leads his people into uncertain space where treachery and an ancient enemy awaits.

Oooh.  That’s my kind of read!  What are you working on currently?

I’m finishing up edits of book 2 – First Contact.  Shortish Description:  After the evacuation from the Aonise home world and their devastating battle with the Zefron. Kendro, and House Niakrex must negotiate for their safety on Earth.  But, Kendro’s nemesis, Dalamaar uses the King’s second in Command and forces a human to abuse the Ainoren…

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