Narrator Interview – Marie Rose

And Audio Giveaway!

I’ve had the most amazing few weeks getting to talk to several AudioBook Narrators, and this weeks interview was with Marie Rose.

TSK’s really excited to give you some insight to these very talented folk who bring authors works to life!

And if you don’t want to click the link this is also how you can find her 🙂  But yeah please click the link! it’s a great interview!

And for those who check out Marie Rose’s sites, facebook and Youtube, if you leave her a comment and me a pingback here so I can go see! She’s promised an audiobook to one of my lovely fans 🙂 How sweet is that! Get in there….

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

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Book Review – Think Happy Club-Friendship


I’ve had the great pleasure of being sought out to write some book/and AudioBook reviews this last few weeks,  (more so than the usual requests) and I have been doing them on and off for sometime, yet I’ve never really posted them to my blog before. So this is the first. There will be more to come I promise you that.

I will post it here because it was such a wonderful reminder of friendship, how we should act and how we need to work at things to keep those we love around us. Which more often than not, never really happens. True friends will stick with you for a life time, others just come and go.

This wonderful book written by Anne Saucer and Grace Snoke was pointed in my direction this week and here’s a link to my review 🙂 –

Review of Think Happy Club – Friendship

I was given a copy of this in exchange for an honest review, but I enjoyed it so much I bought it… 🙂

What I found in these pages was not only a wonderful message for the younger person, (I have to say I’m not really sure about children although the characters in the book are much younger, I think the messages is for older kids, teens, but I have to admit I’m debating this one a lot lately because so many young children are just really tiny adults. Sigh ) But the content here really does resonate with us as adults as well. We could learn a lot from this book.

It has some great motivational aspects, from ‘Listen’ to ‘Fight if you have to’ because not everyone gets along all of the time and better to sort things out than to keep it bottled up.

A couple of my more favourite moments are ‘Accept the differences’ and ‘Plan an Adventure’ because how many of us actually do that. Life is so full on that I believe a lot of our real friendships go by the wayside, and we should fight for those who have been around us and supported us.

So that leaves me to the best part, for me, it’s been a reminder that friendship is to be nurtured and cherished. Thank you so much for this, it will have a lasting effect on my day and my week.

Review 4 stars, I gave it this award because although it was lovely, I wasn’t sure the artwork was quite the right age. Even with youngsters growing up as fast as they are.


Motivation ?


How do you get up and go!!!!

I know it’s been a tough week. Heck there will always be something that kinda throws a spanner in the works, but how do you gals/guys get on with things?

When I got home I’d the usual jobs yesterday, clean the pond, feed and look after Bobby. (of whom I adore,)  but then it was like being hit up the side of the head by a baseball bat. Did not want to do anything. 😦

I actually decided to get up and go for a walk and clear my thought process, which helped, had far too much to drink with peeps the night before, so water was on the cards from a local shop to walk back with. And it did help.

One of the biggest things with sitting at a computer all day, or working at home is the need to get out and get the adrenalin pumping.

When I did sit down, I’d a new outlook on things. I actually felt like I wanted to edit, and write. (always want to write, but I have to balance things or the muse shouts at me.

It wasn’t a bad day, productive in many ways. Of course not enough in others, lol there never is enough time in the day.

So on to another one, and I’ve lots more to do today as well. lol 🙂

I am feeling more motivated, and more like me… squee.

Hugs x

Funerals and the future


The strange thing about going to such sad events, no matter how far you have to travel. Yesterday was a 2 hour trip, but all the memories and emotions that come with it.

Death is inevitable. That’s a fact. We’re all heading one way, but what we make of it is really what matters.

My Aunt Muriel Crossley was an amazing woman. I knew her mostly as a child, where my parents used to take us up on holidays, as an adult not so much, life takes over… I knew she asked about everyone regularly though.

For the most part her funeral was sad, as they all are, but her achievements by herself and with her late husband Frank were astounding. The legacy that they leave behind and others follow is truly something to love. And all we can ever ask for as people. To leave behind something that others will benefit from, for all time. She loved the NWAC and the WI, and her local Church. Which the Vicar come out of retirement for her service, wonderful people there.

Today is going to be a place of reflection, and work. Always work… haha. I just wanted to say to everyone, how much we really, really need to make the most of life. It’s so short, so precious. Make every day count.