Funerals and the future


The strange thing about going to such sad events, no matter how far you have to travel. Yesterday was a 2 hour trip, but all the memories and emotions that come with it.

Death is inevitable. That’s a fact. We’re all heading one way, but what we make of it is really what matters.

My Aunt Muriel Crossley was an amazing woman. I knew her mostly as a child, where my parents used to take us up on holidays, as an adult not so much, life takes over… I knew she asked about everyone regularly though.

For the most part her funeral was sad, as they all are, but her achievements by herself and with her late husband Frank were astounding. The legacy that they leave behind and others follow is truly something to love. And all we can ever ask for as people. To leave behind something that others will benefit from, for all time. She loved the NWAC and the WI, and her local Church. Which the Vicar come out of retirement for her service, wonderful people there.

Today is going to be a place of reflection, and work. Always work… haha. I just wanted to say to everyone, how much we really, really need to make the most of life. It’s so short, so precious. Make every day count.