Exciting news, and moving onwards!

Hello there! 

There always seems to be so much going on at the moment, I barely get chance to sit and think about my blog besides even write anything for it. But, I promised myself  and my followers I would today.

It’s really not been the best year, and some things aren’t and maybe won’t get better for a while and defo are life changing.

Death has been the biggest hit on us emotionally and physically this year. With losing so many good people and family in quick succession it was hard to take in. It seems that side of things might not be over with just yet either, my mums last relative, and my grandad’s sister is really not well. Problem is, unlike my Aunt and Uncle who were together is she’s living in Whales and it’s a long way to go when something goes wrong. It put a kibosh on some of our plans for yesterday. But, I coped on my own.

The next biggest decision for us, is to take on the house and have our first mortgage. It’s so complicated, we’ve so much going for us, and against us. I met with a cracking chap yesterday who told me everything in plain terms and I was able to understand it and think we have a chance… finally. Which will ease a huge weight off my mum and my shoulders. We want to stay in this house, we don’t want to sell up and move and have to start all over again. Even though it might be nice. I like it here and I like my job, and my customers. 🙂 So fingers crossed for us all. We really need this.

On the TSK front. 

Well I couldn’t be happier with things there. We’re closer than ever to the launch, even though it’s been a painstaking job to get us here, it’s been worth it.

And…. as a working partnership. My animator friend and co -writer decided to make our partnership more permanent, and we launched, TSK Productions limited 🙂 our aim is to use TSK as a launching platform to do other things. So we may start small, but we’ve a lot to do and have big dreams!

Diet wise, please don’t read if triggered easily. 

I’m doing great. I feel better than I have in a long, long time. I’m back in all my old clothes from after I left Cheadle Royal and I’m nearly back to the same weight. I’ve about 4 weeks to go on this regime.

Of course I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this for a long long time. I’ve tried to manage my weight issues with a normal diet. But it was this or I fear I would have just stopped eating anyway or turn into a drunk. I know this is the slightly lesser of two evils. But it’s probably still an evil. My brain isn’t happy with me even still. I see the results, and I know where I’m going to be in the next 4 weeks, but I’m scared. Re-feeding will have to be nice and slow, just like I did at Cheadle, I know my limits, I know my bodies limits and my minds. So, I’m going to take it easy. I know I can do this myself. I am an adult who knows what she wants and why, and is capable of not letting this go stupid. (ED in my head, shut the fudge up)

So, I’m happy feeling as I am. People can see it, just not me. I will in the end. 🙂

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