It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I’m here, I think 3 weeks in with meds though, so I’ve been trying to get used to all that and in getting myself feeling better.

The AD’s kicked my butt at first, not only when I take them do they make me sleepy, (which was kinda the point) but I also couldn’t stop eating. It’s really like I’ve no control over it, and that was very hard to deal with at first.

I kept up with the training though and even though I ate loads I tried not to freak out. The second week was easier, I took cereal snacks into work, and munched on those instead, and this week I seem to be much more able to control what I’m doing. And the training is increasing. 140 heart rate tonight and 11 mins 🙂 so increasing 1 min a day. I can do this!

Everything for TSK is going well. The cover design is looking amazing…. and we kinda decided on the end of April as a tentative release date. 🙂 So we’re storming to that as a goal. Fingers crossed everyone.

Will try and post as soon as I get anymore news.


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