Finito! well nearly :)

So today, I finally finished my edits through with TSK.

I followed all instructions from EJ Runyon, using Scrivener to the absolute best of it’s ability. I had my team TZBF in the UberGroup on Scribophile fast track the latter chapters so that I could get their valuable feedback on the whole thing and I had one young man, read from start to finish in less than two weeks.

TSK has had two major full edits, been read by several beta readers, re-edited, re-read, and re-edited. Yikes. I know a lot, but worth it.

It’s been a long haul, but I’ve really enjoyed it and today I sent it back to EJ for a full read through before it goes off to Rogena for copy editing.

I am not totally sure how I feel about it, I’ve done as much as I possibly can, my eyes hurt. I’ve read it from front to back and yet, after I sent it I still noticed an extra . at the end of a sentence. gee….

Here’s hoping, that when it comes back, it’s then off out into the world of querying. And not into the trash can. lol

I feel blessed to have the wonderful readers and writers around me who have been through this 12 mth journey with me and TSK-Lethao.

Love ya all to bits.