The beta reading results

I wanted to chat a bit more today about this last few months. Those that know and follow me, know TSK has been in a beta read. This was really enlightening, but also hard work.

These are some of the comments coming through, I thought I’d share some, and then let you in on how I’m looking at the editing process, especially in regards to some of the bigger issues pointed out.

Wow! you start right in the action. I am really invested in the storyline and the you’ve done a great job with the characters of Kendro and Mika. I’m having a hard time seeing them because you don’t really have much physical description of anyone. They are clearly not human, but are they supposed to be roughly human?

This was a comment that a couple out of my readers flagged. I wasn’t including enough ‘physical’ description. So, to combat this I spent a day working through each characters introduction and how they look as well as their specific birthmarks and colours.

Name confusion, I think you need to stick with DOCTOR BRIE or DOCTOR KATYA and never call her the other except maybe in intimate or angry moments with their significant others. When you have whole sections where they’re called one thing, and then break to another name, it can make the reader stop reading for a moment, trying to figure out what’s going on. The same thing applies to Octav, Hadi, and many other characters.


This one is a little more difficult. But with the help of S & R  I can use highlight to help point out discrepancies, and go chapter by chapter. It’s just time consuming, but so I don’t confuse anyone, it’s very important.


I think the story has a lot of loose ends by its completion. What happened to Dalamaar? What happened to the Lady? What happened to the pendant Emmi had?(I think that was her name) What happened with Doctor Brie’s second chance at having a baby.

I’m guessing that these questions are all answered in a Book 2 of this story. If so, I still think each of the loose ends must somehow be mentioned in the last chapter. That way we know to hold on and come back for more.



Already been working on this one and it’s added an extra dimension to the ending. 🙂 I kind of think I’ve outdone myself with this, but that’s bragging. I don’t usually do that at all.

One of the biggest things I did learn was to stick to my gut with my characters. Although I’ve got some work still left to do, it was comments like this which made me smile and know I’m onto a winner.

UGH. The End are two of my least favourite words when I’m reading a book I’m enjoying. And rest assured, I ENJOYED TSK. Fucking nicely done. I have total plot prowess envy.

I have some wrap-up comments but I’m going to take the night to sleep on them and will return with my last post in the morning with (hopefully) a nice, hot cup of coffee.



OMG!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS OVER! Can you please write the second one now? I want to know what happens! Gaaaaaah!

Alrighty, let’s go through it. I won’t comment on dialogue as I never really felt anything was out of place in the way they spoke.


So, I’m continuing onwards. Polishing, tweaking and editing. I just wanted to share some of the great comments that you can get when on a beta read. And some of the things people can pick up. Overall, I’m very happy with it, and would do it again. Although I wouldn’t ask the readers to re-read after the edits, that’s up to me to fix everything I think needs working on. Big decisions ahead, and some work. It’s all worth it though.