Week and weekend over…


I can’t really believe how quick it went. Not just the weekend, but my first week back in work.

There isn’t much that has changed, bar the facts that some of my customers got lost along the way side. So I spent last week getting them back. With a little luck I’ll be back on track to targets, jee wiz. I can tell you, I don’t want that again. You work so hard for it, then it’s gone and it’s like you have to start from scratch almost all over again. Not good, at all.

Pic of hubby and my lil monster 🙂 Image

I’ve had two pretty big projects going on this last few weeks. One I started before work, and one I managed to spend the full day on today. It’s been good to get work coming my way. Tough it might be, but if I really want to get out there more this year. Dedication to other projects as well as my own is a must.

My project well it kinda stalled a bit. Oh dear…

Monday – Friday- back in work, and then the gym, getting home was a bit  late, spending time with the birds and sorting out myself for the following few days. It’s been hectic to say the least and might take a fair few hours off what I can do with my time. I will soon get into the routine at work and with the home stuff. So although it’s hard at the moment, it won’t always be hard. TSK is still moving forward just a little bit slower for a while, with a few deadlines on the cards.

I’ve had some fab results though in the three weeks I’ve been aiming to get fitter and healthier. I won’t talk numbers, really as they’re hard for me to deal with, but needless to say, I’m well on my way to a fitter lifestyle. The drinking water is hard, specially now I am back in work, but I’m trying my very best to keep things moving.

My latest challenge, is to eat enough protein to help get my body working right, so that the weight can come off properly and help to build muscle so that I can work out and feel better.

It’s amazing the diff just a few weeks makes, my energy levels are higher, I want to do things. Although it’s been a tough week going back to work. I have found that it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

My energy levels were crap, before I even broke my elbow and I’m just putting that down to the crap diet and no real exercise.

So feeling positive and looking forward to another good week.

Hope you’re all doing great.