Physio, and weekend :)

Well, I’ll start with the tough one. Physio on Thursday. Couldn’t write about it, as was in a bit of pain thur and fri. Only ‘early’ days with the break yet. So I’ve got small stretching exercises to get the joint moving. I’ve to use the sling when out, or for the extra support. But I have to try and stretch. Bit impossible at the moment. Can’t get my arm anything near straight. Really painful. And making a fist. No chance, the pressure on the forearm is tooo much. 

I can wiggle all fingers, although have some burning sensation in my wrist itself, and can type for a short amount of time. (really not long though as it aches too much) So in all I’ve got some work to do. 

Physio is positive for a good outcome. She thinks in time I will get full movement back. But it may be much longer than I hoped for. So, still taking it a day at a time. I’m a little impatient, mostly because I’m sat at home, and itching to get back to the things I love. 


It was okay when I hurt my knee a few months back, feet up and could type and stitch till my heart’s content after a few days. But the pain killers make me fussy headed, so can’t concentrate, and I can’t use my hand. 😦 so boredom sets in really quick. 



The fish seem a lot better this last few days. So I’m hopeful that I’ve got rid of the flukes. Taking a scrape today, just to be sure. 




Writing, well can’t say it’s easy. But, I’m trying. Plotting some of the next book, that’s the best part. Because I don’t have to type, I can use the dictation function, to get all my jumbled words together. 

One of my writing buddies is doing nano this year, so hoping we can egg each other on to that finish line. Or maybe I’ll start in October and do mine a month early. Think I’ll fry the dictation device though trying to get it to type 50k 🙂 or is that cheating because I’m not actually physically typing. I don’t know. lol


This weekend, has been quiet. Everyone’s working. So, home on my tod as per usual. Hubby is off today, but going fishing. I ditched the pain killers last night, but then regretted it. Still not sleeping, can’t get comfy at all in bed. So that really sucks. Can’t sleep past 7am, which means my days are long, and hard work. 

Praying for some ease this week. Lets hope for some sleep, and some good news. Hate, not earning any cash. Just as we get ahead, something knocks us back. Thank goodness the solar cash comes in this week. £600 will tide me over till I get back to work. 


That’s all, caught up. Hope to speak soon. 


Dawn x x





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